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This Table of Cases related to abortion law is based upon an online supplement to the 2014 book Abortion Law in Transnational Perspective:  Cases and Controversies, ed. Rebecca J. Cook, Joanna N. Erdman and Bernard Dickens (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014).   This table includes Domestic, Regional and International Jurisprudence. 
More information about the book is online here.   

Decisions issued too late for inclusion in the book are marked (NEW).

Domestic Jurisprudence   


Corte Suprema de Justicia de la Nación [National Supreme Court] 2012, F., A.L., Expediente Letra “F,” No. 259, Libro XLVI, (Arg.) Spanish decision.       Unofficial English translation. 

Corte Suprema Justicia de la Nación [National Supreme Court] March 5, 2002, Portal de Belén v. Ministerio de Salud y Acción Social de la Nación s/amparo en anticoncepción de emergencia, No. P.709.XXXVI,  Spanish decision

Corte Suprema de Justicia de la Nación [National Supreme Court] 2001, T., S. v. Gobierno de La Ciudad de Buenos Aires, No. T.421.XXXVI, Spanish decision

Juzgado en lo Contencioso Administrativo y Tributario Poder Judicial de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires [Administrative and Fiscal Court of the City of Buenos Aires] 2008, Profamilia Asoc. Civil. c. Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires y otros s/impugnación de actos administrativos, Expte: EXP 31117/0, Spanish decision   

Sala “A” de la Cámara de Apelaciones de la Provincia de Chubut [Court of Appeal of the Province of Chubut] 2010, M., Expte. 93/10, Spanish decision

Sala “B” de la Cámara en lo Criminal de la Provincia de Río Negro [Criminal Court of Appeal of the Province of Río Negro] 2009, F.N.M.,  Spanish decision

Superior Tribunal de la Provincia de Chubut [Supreme Court of the Province of Chubut]  2010, F., A.L. s/ medida autosatisfactiva, Expte. 21.912-f-2010, Spanish summary and decision.  

Suprema Corte de Justica [Supreme Court of the Province of Buenos Aires] 2002, C.R.O v. Province of Buenos Aires, Case C 85566, Spanish decision.

Suprema Corte de la Provincia de Buenos Aires [Supreme Court of the Province of Buenos Aires] 2005, C.P. d. P., A.K. s/autorización, LLBA, Causa Ac. 95.464) June 2005, Spanish decision. {anencephaly}

Suprema Corte de la Provincia de Buenos Aires [Supreme Court of the Province of Buenos Aires] 2006, "R., L.M., ‘NN Persona por nacer. Protección. Denuncia.’" Causa Ac. 98.830, Spanish decision

Tribunal de Familia de Bahía Blanca [Family Court of the City of Bahía Blanca] October 1, 2008, S.G.N s/situación, Causa 30.790.



Verfassungsgerichtshof[Constitutional Court]October 11, 1974, Erklaerungen des Verfassungsgerichtshofs 221


Supremo Tribunal Federal [Supreme Court] 2008, Ação Direta de Inconstitucionalidade No. 3.510, Portuguese decision (slow download)

Supremo Tribunal Federal [Supreme Court] April 12, 2012, ADPF 54/DF.  Portuguese decision online

(NEW) Supremo Tribunal Federal [Supreme Court] November 29, 2016  "Habeas Corpus" ruling.  English Translation of RulingSymposium in English  Official summary in Portuguese: Noticias STF em português.      Decision in Portugues


McInerney v. MacDonald, [1992] 2 S.C.R. 138, 93 D.L.R. (4th) 415 (Supreme Court of Canada).  Decision online.

R. v. Morgentaler, [1988] 1 S.C.R. 30, 44 D.L.R. (4th) 385 (Supreme Court of Canada),  Decision online

Tremblay v. Daigle, [1989] 2 S.C.R. 530 (Supreme Court of Canada).  Decision online.



Corte Suprema de Justicia [Supreme Court] August 30, 2001, Sentencia Rol 2.186-2001,

Tribunal Constitucional [Constitutional Court] April 18, 2008, Sentencia Rol 740-07-CDS.  Decision in Spanish.  

(NEW) Tribunal Constitucional [Constitutional Court,  2017,  STC Rol N° 3729(3751)-17 CPTre unconstitutionality claim against new law decriminalizing of voluntary termination of pregnancy on three grounds.
Spanish Decision.   Accompanying documentsOther Submissions.      Síntesis en Espanol.
English Decision with Synthesis and Table of Contents for both English and Spanish editions, Unofficial translation.
Synthesis in English (unofficial translation).


Corte Constitucional [Constitutional Court] 1997, Sentencia C-013/97. Decision in Spanish

Corte Constitucional [Constitutional Court] 2002, Sentencia C-370/02.  Decision in Spanish.

Corte Constitucional [Constitutional Court] May 10, 2006, Sentencia C-355/06.  Decision in Spanish
Official English summaryEnglish Summary by Women's LInk Worldwide

Corte Constitucional [Constitutional Court] 2008, Sentencia T-209/08. Decision in Spanish.

(NEW) Corte Constitucional [Constitutional Court] 2009, Sentencia  T-388/09.  Decision in Spanish

Corte Constitucional [Constitutional Court] 2011, Sentencia T-841/2011, Decision in SpanishDecision in English.  

Corte Constitucional [Constitutional Court] August 10, 2012, Sentencia T-627.  Decision in Spanish.  Summary in English.  



Corte Suprema de Justicia de Costa Rica, Sala Constitucional [Supreme Court of Justice of Costa Rica, Constitutional Chamber] 2000, Sentencia No. 2000-02306.  Decision in Spanish. 

Corte Suprema de Justicia de Costa Rica, Sala Constitucional [Supreme Court of Justice of Costa Rica, Constitutional Chamber] 2004, Sentencia442/2004.  Decision in Spanish 

Corte Suprema de Justicia de Costa Rica, Sala Constitucional [Supreme Court of Justice of Costa Rica, Constitutional Chamber] 2005, Sentencia1267/2005.  Decision in Spanish.  


(NEW) Constitutional Court of Croatia.  Decision of March 2, 2017.  Rješenje Ustavnog Suda Republike Hrvatske, broj: U-I-60/1991 i dr. od 21.veljace 2017.  Decision online in Croatian    Summary in English from CRR


Corte Constitucional [Constitutional Court] June 14, 2006, José Fernando Roser Rohdec. Instituto Nacional de Higiene y Medicina Tropical “Leopoldo Izquiéta Pérez y el Ministro de Salud S/Acción de Amparo



Conseil Constitutionnel [Constitutional Court] January 15, 1975, Decision No. 74054 DC.  D.S. Jur. 529 [1975] A.J.D.A. 134.  Decision in FrenchOfficial English translation

Conseil Constitutionnel [Consitutional Court] June 27, 2001, Decision No. 2001-446 DC.  Decision in French.  Official English translation.

Conseil d’État [Council of State] (31 October 1980), No 13028. Decision in French.



Bundesverfassungsgericht [Federal Constitutional Court] February 25, 1975, 39 BVerfGE 1.  Decision in GermanEnglish translation by R. Jonas and J. Gorby.

Bundesverfassungsgericht [Federal Constitutional Court] May 28, 1993, 88 BVerfGE 203.  Decision in GermanEnglish translation



Alkotmánybíróság [Constitutional Court] 1998, 48/1998 (XI. 23), Magyar Közlöny [MK] 1998/105.  Decision in HungarianOfficial English translation


(NEW). Indu Devi v the State of Bihar and Others [2017] Petition(s) for Special Leave to Appeal (C) No. 14327/2017, Judgment of May 9, 2017 (Supreme Court of India).  Decision online.  Comment on Reprohealthlaw blog

(NEW). Meera Santosh Pal and Ors v Union of India and Ors [2017]  Writ Petition (Civil) No. 17 of 2017  January 16 2017 (Supreme Court of India)  Decision online.


Attorney General v. X, [1992] I.E.S.C. 1 (Supreme Court of Ireland).  Decision online

Baby Oladapo v. Minister for Justice, [2002]I.E.S.C. 44 (Supreme Court of Ireland),  Decision online.

McGee v. Attorney General,[1974] I.R. 284 (Supreme Court of Ireland).  Decision online.   


A. v. B., 35 (iii) P.D. 57 (1981) (Supreme Court of Israel). For a summary in English, see: C. Shalev, "A Man's Right to be Equal: The Abortion Issue." Israel Law Review 1983; 18:381-430.



Corte Costituzionale [Constitutional Court] February 18, 1975, no. 27, 98 Foro It. I, 515


Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación [Supreme Court] 2002, Acción de Inconstitucionalidad 10/2000, Decision in Spanish.  

Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación [Supreme Court] 2008, Acción de inconstitucionalidad 146/2007 y su acumulada 147/2007.   Decision in SpanishSummary in English.  

Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación [Supreme Court] 2010, Controversia constitucional 54/2009. Document in Spanish.

Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación [Supreme Court] 2011, Acción de inconstitucionalidad 11/2009. (Baja California) Decision in Spanish.  

Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación [Supreme Court] 2011, Acción de inconstitucionalidad 62/200 (San Luis Potosí). Decision in Spanish

(NEW). Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación, Segunda Sala [Supreme Court] 2018,  Amparo en Revisión 601/2017
[Case of "Marimar"] (Ciudad de Mexico) April 4, 2018.  Decision in Spanish.

(NEW).Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación, Segunda Sala [Supreme Court] 2018,  Amparo en Revisión 1170/2017 [Case of Fernanda] (Ciudad de Mexico) April 18, 2018.  Decision in Spanish


Achyut Kharel v. Government of Nepal, Writ No. 3352, 2061 (2008) (Supreme Court of Nepal)  English translation of decision.

Annapurna Rana v. Kathmandu District Court, Writ No. 2187, 2053 (1998) (Supreme Court of Nepal)

Lakshmi Dhikta v. Government of Nepal, Writ No. 0757, 2067, Nepal Kanoon Patrika, para. 25 (2009) (Supreme Court of Nepal),  English translation / summary.

Meera Dhungana v. Government of Nepal, Writ No. 55, 2058 (2002) (Supreme Court of Nepal),

Prakash Mani Sharma v. Government of Nepal, Writ No. 064 (2008) (Supreme Court of Nepal).  English translation of decision.



Right to Life New Zealand Inc. v. Abortion Supervisory Committee, [2008] 2 N.Z.L.R. 825 (High Court of New Zealand).  Decision online.

Right to Life New Zealand Inc. v. Abortion Supervisory Committee, [2012] N.Z.S.C. 68 (Supreme Court of New Zealand),  Download decision here.


(NEW) Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission, Re Judicial Review [2015] NIQB 96 Nov. 30, 2015  November 30, 2015  (High Court of Justice in Belfast):  [Northern Ireland’s abortion laws are incompatible with European Convention on Human Rights Article 8 because it does not allow exceptions for fatal fetal abnormalities, rape, or incest.   The  judgment also has implications for Commonwealth countries that retain the English 1861 Offences Against the Person Act.   Decision of November 30, 2015Official summary.   Reprohealthlaw blogpost

(NEW) R (on the application of A and B) v Secretary of State for Health, decision of  [2017] UKSC 41, June 14, 2017 (Supreme Court, U.K.) [ruled that girl from Northern Ireland, aged 15, was not entitled to NHS-funded abortion in England] Decision onlineComments by Sheelagh McGuinness and Keith Syrett.  Newspaper report.


Tribunal Constitucional [Constitutional Court], November 13, 2006, Sentencia Exp. No. 7435-2006-PC/TC.  Decision in Spanish. 

Tribunal Constitucional [Constitutional Court] 2009, ONG Acción de Lucha Anticorrupción Sin Componenda c. MINSA October 16, 2009, Sentencia Exp. No. 02005-2009-PA/TC,  Decision in Spanish.  



Trybunal Konstitucyjny [Constitutional Tribunal] May 28, 1997, K 26/96, Orzecznictwo Trybunału Konstytucyjnego, Rok1997.  Decision in Polish



Tribunal Constitucional [Constitutional Court]1984,Acórdão No. 25/84, Acórdãos do Tribunal Constitucional II.  Decision in Portuguese

Tribunal Constitucional [Constitutional Court]1985, Acórdão No. 85/85, Acórdãos do Tribunal Constitucional V.  Decision in Portuguese

Tribunal Constitucional [Constitutional Court] 1998, Acórdão No. 288/98, .Diário da República 91/98 Suplemento I-A Série. Decision in Portuguese.  

Tribunal Constitucional [Constitutional Court] 2006, Acórdão No. 617/2006, Diário da República I Série.  Decision in Portuguese.

Tribunal Constitucional [Constitutional Court] 2010, Acórdão No. 75/2010, Diario da Republica vol. 60.  Decision in Portuguese.



(NEW). Case no. RPA 0787/15/HC/KIG, Judgment of October 30 2015,(High Court of Rwanda, Kigali) [2015] Unreported,
legal abortion for raped 13-year-old denied by first court, then allowed on appeal.   Decision (redacted to preserve victim privacy)   Summary in Legal Grounds III


Ústavný Súd [Constitutional Court] 4 December 2007, PL. ÚS 12/01, Collection of Laws of the Slovak Republic, No. 14/2008, vol. 8.  Official English summary.


Christian Lawyers' Association of South Africa & Others v. Minister of Health & Others, 1998(11) BCLR 1434 (T); 1998 (4)  SA 1113 (T) (Transvaal Provincial Division of the High Court of South Africa)  Decision online.

Christian Lawyers' Association v. National Minister of Health and Others, 2004(10) BCLR 1086 (T); 2004 (4) All SA 31 (T) (Transvaal Provincial Division of the High Court of South Africa).  Decision online.


Tribunal Constitucional [Constitutional Court] April 11, 1985, S.T.C. 53/1985, 1985-49 BJC 515. 
Decision in Spanish (download).    Decision in Spanish (online).   Official English translation

(NEW) Zurich Insurance PLC, Sucursal en España v. Doña Encarnacion y don César y Servicio Galego de Saude, Sentencia 00392/2017, Apelación 43/17 (High Court of Galicia at Coruña, Spain)  Decision in Spanish.  Reprohealthlaw Blog comment in English.



Barr v. Matthews,(1999) 52 B.M.L.R. 217 (High Court of England and Wales, Queen’s Bench Division),

British Pregnancy Advisory Serv. v. Sec’y of State for Health, [2011] E.W.H.C. 235 (Admin) (High Court of England and Wales).  Decision online

Family Planning Association of Northern Ireland v. Minister for Health, Social Services and Public Safety, [2005] Northern Ireland Law Reports 188 (Court of Appeal, Northern Ireland).  Decision online.   

Gillick v. West Norfolk and Wisbech Area Health Authority, 3 All E.R. 402 (1985) (House of Lords).  Decision online. 

Paton v. Trustees of British Pregnancy Advisory Service and Another [1978] QB 276 (High Court of Justice, Queen’s Bench Division).  Decision online.  

Petition of Mary Teresa Doogan and Concepta Wood, [2012] C.S.O.H. 32 (Outer House, Court of Session, Scotland).  Decision online

Petition of Mary Teresa Doogan and Concepta Wood, [2013] C.S.I.H. 36, P876/11 (Extra Division, Inner House, Court of Session, Scotland).   Decision online.

R. (on the application of Purdy) v. Dir. of Pub. Prosecutions, [2009] U.K.H.L. 45 (House of Lords).  Decision online. 

R. (on the application of Smeaton) v. Secretary of State for Health, [2002] E.W.H.C. 610 (Admin) (High Court of England and Wales). Decision online.  

R. (S.B.) v. Governors of Denbigh High School, [2006] U.K.H.L. 15, [2007] 1 A.C. 100 (House of Lords).  Decision online.  

R. v. Bourne, [1938] 3 All E.R. 615 (Crown Court of England and Wales).  Decision online.  

R v Sarah Louise Catt [2013] EWCA Crim 1187 (Crown Court of England and Wales).   Decision online.

R. v. Smith [1974] 1 All E.R. 376, 381 (Court of Appeal of England and Wales).    Decision online.

Royal College of Nurses v. Department of Health and Social Security,[1981] 1 All E.R. 545 (House of Lords).   Decision online


Bellotti v. Baird, 443 U.S. 622 (1979) (U.S. Supreme Court).   Decision online.   

Brownfield v. Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital, 208 Cal. App. 3d 405, 256 Cal. Rptr. 240 (1989) (California Second District, Court of Appeal).   Decision online.  

Gonzales v. Carhart,550 U.S. 124 (2007) (U.S. Supreme Court).   Decision online.   

In RE Initiative Petition No. 349, State Question No. 642, 1992 OK 122 (1992) (Supreme Court of Oklahoma).   Decision online.  

N.J. Div. of Youth & Family Serv. v. V.M., 974 A.2d 448 (2009) (Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division).   Decision online.  

Planned Parenthood v. Danforth, 428 U.S. (1976) (U.S. Supreme Court).   Decision online.   

Planned Parenthood of Kansas City v. Ashcroft, 462 U.S. 476 (1983) (U.S. Supreme Court).   Decision online.

Planned Parenthood of Minn., N.D. & S.D. v. Rounds, 530 F.3d 724 (2011) (Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals).   Revised 2012 Decision.  

Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pa. v. Casey, 505 U.S. 833 (1992) (U.S. Supreme Court).   Decision online.  

Rodriguez v. City of Chicago, 156 F. 3rd 771 (1998) (Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals).   Decision online.  

Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973) (U.S. Supreme Court).   Decision online.   

Stenberg v. Carhart, 530 U.S. 914 (2000) (U.S. Supreme Court).   Decision online

 Regional Jurisprudence  


Mehar Singh Bansel v. R., (1959) E.A.L.R. 813 (East African Court of Appeal).   Case summary and download.    

R. v. Edgal, Idike and Ojugwu,(1938) W.A.C.A. 133 (West African Court of Appeal)


Ahmad (X.) v. United Kingdom (1981) 4 E.H.R.R. 126.  Decision online.  

Brüggemann and Scheuten v. Federal Republic of Germany, App. No. 6959/75 (1981) 3 E.H.R.R. 244.  Decision online.

Church of Scientology v. Sweden, App. No. 7805/77, 16 Eur. Comm’n. H.R. Dec. and Rep. 68 (1979), Decision online.

Hercz (R.H.) v. Norway, App. No. 17004/90,Eur. Comm’n H.R. (1992).  Decision online.

Paton (W.P.) v. United Kingdom, App. No. 8416/78, Eur. Comm’n H.R. (1980).  Decision online

X v. Austria, App. No. 7045/75, Eur. Comm’n H.R. (1976).  Decision online.

X v. Norway, App. No. 867/60, Eur. Comm’n H.R. (1961).


A, B, and C v. Ireland, [2010] E.C.H.R. 2032, Decision online.

Airey v. Ireland, [1979] 2 E.H.R.R. 305.  Decision online.

Belgian Linguistic Case (No. 2) (1968) 1 E.H.R.R. 252.  Decision online.

Boso v. Italy, App. No. 50490/99,Eur. Ct. H.R. (2002).  Decision online.

(NEW) Costa and Pavan v. Italy, No. 54270/10, 28th August 2012, Decision online.   Comment by Adriana StephanoAcademic article by Gregor Puppinck.  re assisted reproduction and abortion for healthy carriers of cystic fibrosis

D. v. Ireland, App. No. 26499/02, Eur. Ct. H.R. (2006).  Decision online.

Kiyutin v. Russia, App. No. 2700/10, Eur. Ct. H.R. (2011).  Decision online.

Marckx v. Belgium, (1979) 2 E.H.R.R. 330.  Decision online.

Open Door Counselling and Dublin Well Woman v. Ireland, App. Nos. 14234/88 and14235/88, Eur. Ct. H.R. (1992). Decision online.

P. and S. v. Poland, App. No. 57375/08, Eur. Ct. H.R. (2012).  Decision online.  

Pichon and Sajous v. France, Case No. 49853/99, Eur. Ct. H.R. (2001).  Decision in EnglishDecision in French.  

Pretty v. United Kingdom, 35 Eur. Ct. H.R. Rep. 1 (2002).  Decision online.

R.R. v. Poland, App. No. 27617/04, Eur. Ct. H.R. (2011).  Decision online.

S. and Marper v. United Kingdom, App. Nos. 30562/04 and 30566, Eur. Ct. H.R. (2008).  Decision online

S.L. v. Austria, App. No. 45330/99, Eur. Ct. H.R. (2003). Decision online.

Tysiąc v. Poland, 45 E.H.R.R. 42 (2007). Decision online.

Vo v. France, App. No. 53924/00, 40 E.H.R.R. 12 (2004).  Decision online.

Z. v. Poland, App. No. 46132/08, Eur. Ct. H. R. (2012).  Decision online.


(NEW) Confederazione Generale Italiana del Lavoro (CGIL) v. Italy (2016), Complaint No. 91/2013 (European Committee on Social Rights, Strasbourg, France)  Decision online  

(NEW) International Planned Parenthood European Network v. Italy (2014), Complaint No. 87/2012, decision published 10 March 2014 (European Committee on Social Rights, Strasbourg, France) Decision online.


Paulina Ramirez v. Mexico, Case 161-02, Report No. 21/07, Inter-Am. C.H.R. (2007).  Decision in Spanish.   Decision in English.  

White and Potter v. United States (Baby Boy), Case 2141, Report No. 3/81, OAS/Ser.L/V/II.54, doc. 9 rev. Inter-Am. C.H.R. (1981).  Decision in Spanish.   Decision in English.   

X and XX v. Colombia,MC-270/09, Inter-Am. C.H.R. (2011),   Summary in Spanish.   Summary in English.  
Download PDF in Spanish.


Artavia Murillo et al. v. Costa Rica, Inter-Am. Ct. H.R. (ser. C) No. 257 (November 28, 2012).  Decision in Spanish  Decision in English

International Jurisprudence 


K.L. v. Peru, Communication No. 1153/2003, U.N. Doc. CCPR/C/85/D/1153/2003 (2005).  Decision in English.          

L.M.R. v. Argentina, Communication No. 1608/2007, U.N. Doc. CCPR/C/101/D/1608/2007 (2011). Decision in SpanishEnglish translation.

(NEW) Amanda Jane Mellet v. Ireland, CCPR/C/116/D/2324/2013, March 31, 2017, published November 17, 2016 (United Nations, Human Rights Committee).  Decision online in several languagesCompensation from Ireland.

(NEW)  Siobhàn Whelan v. Ireland, Comm. No. 2425/2014:  Ireland 12/06/2017, U.N. Doc. CCPR/C/119/D/2425/2014 (UN Human Rights Committee), 12 June 2017, [Woman forced to travel to the UK for an abortion after fatal fetal abnormality diagnosis.  Abortion laws are "cruel and inhumane."]   English decision.   Newspaper report. Press release from Center for Reproductive Rights.


L.C. v. Peru, Communication No. 22/2009, U.N. Doc. CEDAW/C/50/D/22/2009 (2011),  Decision in English.    Decision in Spanish