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All dollar amounts are in Canadian currency


The Faculty of Law’s tuition fees pay for all the things (world class faculty, clinical and internship opportunities, combined degree programs, career services, to name a few) that allow us to offer one of the best legal educations in the world.

Our JD program is designed to be completed in three academic years on a full-time basis. Fees are published one year at a time, in July. For the single 2023-2024 academic year, the JD tuition in CAD$ for:

  • Domestic students (Citizens and Permanent Residents of Canada) who are residents of Ontario is $33,040
  • Domestic students (Citizens and Permanent Residents of Canada) who are non-residents of Ontario is $35,730
  • International students (Study Permit) is $62,880

For more detailed information, including additional ancillary/incidental university fees, estimates for living expenses and international student health plan fees and half-time enrolment fees, please see our Fees page.

UofT Law Financial Support

The Faculty of Law aims to be accessible to the best and the brightest students irrespective of financial means.  UofT Law school has one of the most generous financial aid programs in Canada, distributing close to $5 million in bursaries and loan interest reimbursements to eligible participants. 

Unlike most law schools, UofT Law school offers financial assistance to both JD students and alumni.

  • Financial Support while in the JD Program
    Our JD Financial Aid program is designed to assist degree-study domestic students (Canadian citizens and permanent residents), who are registered at the law school. Our financial aid is based on financial need. The students with the greatest financial need will receive the largest bursaries. The average bursary is around $18,700, but the highest bursary is over $37,000!

  • Students interested in financial support after graduating from the JD program, please visit Post-Graduation Debt Repayment Assistance Program.

An Investment in Your Future

While it is true that most law students across the country go into some debt to attend law school, we think that it is a very sound investment. At the Faculty of Law, our students are hired by the top employers in the Canada, New York, and London, and earn internationally competitive salaries. Each year, approximately 95% of our JD students secure articling jobs. This hire rate is by far the best in the country, and reflects the high opinion legal professionals hold for our students and the Faculty of Law’s program.


Get an Immediate Estimate of UofT Law Financial Aid support

Aid Calculator
Before you apply to the law school you can read about our JD Financial Aid Program and get an immediate estimate of our current aid package using our exclusive online Financial Aid Estimator.