Cover of University of Toronto Law JournalThe University of Toronto Law Journal has taken a broad and visionary approach to legal scholarship since its beginnings in 1935.  Its first editor, Professor WPM Kennedy, hoped that the Journal would foster a knowledge of various nations' laws “as expressions of organized community life, of ordered progress, and of social justice.” The University of Toronto Law Journal has since established itself as a leading journal for theoretical, interdisciplinary, comparative and other conceptually oriented inquiries into law and law reform.  The Journal regularly publishes articles that study law from such perspectives as legal philosophy, law and economics, legal history, criminology, law and literature, and feminist analysis.  Global in relevance, international in scope, it publishes work by highly regarded scholars from many countries, including Australia, Israel, Germany, New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom.

The University of Toronto Law Journal is currently ranked first among all general refereed law journals worldwide by the Washington and Lee most cited legal periodicals list, a position that it has held since 2007.  UTLJ also received the highest ranking for journal quality from the Australian Research Council and is recommended to British law libraries by the Society of Legal Scholars.

The University of Toronto Law Journal appears in numerous legal and social science databases, including Lexis, Westlaw, HeinOnline, JSTOR, Project Muse and SCOPUS.

UTLJ online

The University of Toronto Law Journal (UTLJ) is now available online, beginning with the Fall 2007 issue.

The online journal can be found on the University of Toronto Press website.

In the online version, the table of contents and abstracts are available for free. Articles may be purchased individually or as part of a complete issue.

By registering on the site, readers can also sign up to have the table of contents emailed to them when a new issue comes out.