Students' Law Society

All students at the Faculty of Law are members of the Students' Law Society (SLS). The SLS works to represent students and foster community at the Faculty of Law. Students elect executives and representatives from each year to form the SLS. The SLS mainly operates in two committees: Student Affairs and Governance ("StAG") and Social Affairs ("Social"). 

The Student Affairs and Governance Committee represents student voices on Faculty Council (the governing body of the law school) and its sub-committees. StAG representatives work with faculty members and administrative officials to set policy on topics including accessibility, admissions, curriculum, equity, experiential learning financial aid, and the long-term direction of the law school. StAG holds weekly meetings to respond to student concerns as they arise as well as to discuss ongoing efforts to represent student interests in roles on Faculty Council and committees.

The Social Affairs Committee works to foster community among the students of the Faculty of Law. Social is responsible for event planning, SLS finances, and student club funding. Social representatives meet weekly to assist in the organization of social events (such as Law Ball, coffeehouses, and pub nights) as well as to oversee and fund the clubs at the Faculty of Law.

The SLS Executive also appoints officers to provide strategic support and advice to the SLS.

To learn more about your SLS, please visit our website at You can reach us at for any questions! 

Students' Law Society Team (2020-2021)

Note: Several positions will be filled during the SLS Fall By-Election, likely in mid-to-late September. Please see the SLS website for details.

Executive Committee

President: Robert Nanni

Vice-President, Student Affairs and Governance: Willem Crispin-Frei

Vice-President, Social Affairs: Delana Zamparo

Student Affairs and Governance Committee

President (ex officio): Robert Nanni

Vice-President, Student Affairs and Governance (ex officio): Willem Crispin-Frei

3L StAG Representatives: Mackenzie Claggett, Kristy Milland, Alex Severance, (one position vacant)

2L StAG Representatives: Branden Cave, Dhriti Chakravarty, Jean-Pierre D’Angelo, Ema Ibrakovic

1L StAG Representatives: (four positions vacant)

UTSU Director, Faculty of Law: Vanshika Dhawan 

Social Affairs Committee

President (ex officio): Robert Nanni

Vice-President, Social Affairs (ex officio): Delana Zamparo

3L Social Representatives: Zarin Zahra, (two positions vacant)

2L Social Representatives: Madeleine Carswell, Ifrah Farah, (one position vacant)

1L Social Representatives: (three positions vacant)


Administrative Director: Artimes Ghahremani

Chief Returning Officer (CRO): Kristy Wong

Communications Directors: Mike Bertrand, Filomena Harmantas

Equity Officers: Ryan Deshpande, Sherry Ghaly

Secretary: Hannah Lank

Treasurers: Kim Gubbels, Lucy Yao