Samantha Skinner

Research Associate, Faculty of Law

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Sam Skinner is an Animal Law Research Associate at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law, a position being generously funded by the Brooks Institute for Animal Rights, Law, and Policy.

They joined the Faculty of Law after completing the LLM Program at Osgoode Hall Law School, having successfully defended their thesis “Doomed to Fail: Ag-gag and the Canadian Charter.” Sam previously received their Juris Doctor Degree from Osgoode Hall and holds a lawyer's licence with the Law Society of Ontario.

Samantha Skinner


Research and writing in the areas of animal law, constitutional law, and policy development, Sam’s work has been published in the Animal & Natural Resource Law Review, the Global Journal of Animal Law, and the Journal of Critical Animal Studies. Sam has also co-authored an article with Katie Sykes titled "Fake Laws: How Ag-gag Undermines the Rule of Law" which is set to be published in Animal Law Review Spring, 2022.

Within Sam’s role, they help produce content for the Animal Law Digest – Canada Edition, a free online resource that provides twice monthly updates on the development of animal law in Canada. The Digest is published by the Brooks Institute of Animals Rights Law, in partnership with the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, and under Professor Angela Fernandez’s leadership. You can subscribe to the Digest here, and let Sam know of any important animal law updates to be included in the Digest at

Professor Fernandez and Sam Skinner have also been working with an amazing team at the Bora Laskin Law Library to produce an Animal Law Research Guide, consisting of lists of sources (books, chapters, book reviews, theses, journal articles, legislation, and leading cases) in Canadian animal law, perfect for students looking for a research paper topic and getting started in their literature review or for more senior scholars looking for orientation in terms of sources available in Canadian animal law. This research resource is now available for use to members both inside and outside the University of Toronto community through the Law Library’s website.