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Ultra Vires is the independent student newspaper at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. We provide a forum for diverse viewpoints on topics of interest to current and prospective students, alumni, faculty, and members of the legal community.

We keep readers informed about the goings-on at U of T Law through our News coverage, foster discussion on a diverse range of issues in Opinions, tell in-depth stories in Features, and make you laugh in Diversions.

Ultra Vires publishes a print issue on the last Wednesday of every school month other than December and April (because of final exams). Submissions are due one week before publication. We publish our print stories online, as well as some online-only stories between print editions.

We are always looking for contributors—writers, photographers, illustrators, and more. If you would like to contribute to Ultra Vires, or if you have any story ideas, get in touch by emailing us at editor@ultravires.ca.

Check out our website at www.ultravires.ca, follow us on Twitter @ultravires, and like our Facebook page.

Ultra Vires Editorial Board 2015-16

  • Editor-in-chief – Brett Hughes
  • News Editors – Matt Howe and Alex Redinger
  • Features Editors – Lisana Nithiananthan and Rona Ghanbari
  • Opinions Editors – Alex Carmona and Geetha Philipupillai
  • Diversions Editors – Clara Rozee and Amir Eftekarpour
  • 1L Editors – Nick Papageorge, Maud Rozee, and Justin Khorana-Medeiros
  • Photo & Design Editors – Alex Wong, Roxana Parsa, and Holly Sherlock
  • Foreign Correspondent – Harrison Cruikshank
  • Special Features Editor – Simon Cameron
  • Layout Editor – Becca Howes
  • Web Editor – Andrew Ngo
  • Business Manager – Trevor Snider