Health and Wellness

The Faculty of Law recognizes the reciprocal relationship between mental and physical health, over-all wellbeing and academic success. As such, the law school is committed to supporting students to develop the skills to enhance wellbeing and cope with challenges, as well as access formal (medical and counselling services) and informal supports (self-care strategies, peer support) necessary to promote optimal physical and mental health.

The Faculty of Law has a JD Student Mental Health Strategic Action Plan (PDF), which was developed in consultation with staff, student and faculty. See also the Summary of Initiatives 2018-2019 Academic Year in Accordance with Faculty of Law
Mental Health Strategic Plan (PDF)


COVID-19 and Accessibility Services

I am a student registered with Accessibility Services and I'm concerned about doing well in online formats? Can I request accessibility related accommodations?

We recommend you start by contacting your instructor to see what individual accommodations can be considered for your course. If this is not a realistic option, or if you still have questions or concerns, please consult your Accessibility Advisor to discuss next steps. Special updates for students registered at Accessibility Services can be found at:

I am a student who usually writes tests and exams with accessibility related accommodations? What are my next steps?

Students should continue to register to receive accessibility related accommodations for their test/exams using the Accessibility Services Student Portal.

Accommodated Testing Services will be reaching out to you in order to provide you with an option to write with the class as scheduled, or at the Test Centre on 255 McCaul Street. Please note that the accommodations that can be provided through online testing arranged by the instructor.


Accessibility Services / Accommodations

The law school is committed to supporting students with disabilities, both temporary and on-going. See what services and supports are available.


Wellness Support Services

The law school, University, and larger community offer a wide range of counselling support services to assist and support law students.


Health & Medical Services

Learn more about the services and resources available to support the physical health and medical needs of students at the University.



The Faculty of Law hosts several mindful meditation classes over the academic year. Find out more and register to attend

Other Wellness Resources

Links to other resources to promote health & well-being at the University and in Toronto area.

 Self-Assessment Tools

A range of helpful assessment tools to figure out how you are doing and when to seek help.

Supports & Services Map

Feeling isolated? Looking for formal support services? Check out the map (PDF format) for more information.

Tips for Staying Well At Law School

Explore some tips and resources for maximizing your academic and personal well-being.