“The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born—that there is a genetic factor to leadership. That’s nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born.” - Warren Bennis

Our students tell us they decide to go to law school because they want to do something important in their careers and become leaders in their chosen fields.

Thriving and succeeding in the legal profession requires more than academic strength alone.  Legal employers from across the profession tell us they are looking for students who are not only smart but can also effectively communicate ideas, collaborate with a diverse team, build a professional network, and manage conflict in a fast-paced, complex professional environment. This is true regardless of whether you want to work in the field with the UN, start your own company, manage a not-for-profit organization, be a government lawyer, work in-house or become a partner at a big downtown firm.

The Faculty of Law’s new Leadership Skills Program offers a series of innovative workshops to help you develop the key leadership skills required for professional success. Facilitated by industry experts, and developed in consultation with students, alumni and numerous members of the legal profession, the Leadership Skills Program will prepare you to transition from a stellar law student to a highly-regarded and successful summer student, articling student and lawyer.

Workshop topics include:

  • Understanding the legal profession – its unique culture, values and changing landscape
  • How to communicate so that people will listen – verbal, non-verbal and electronic
  • Thriving in a team environment – how to collaborate and manage conflict in a diverse workplace
  • Building key relationships – networking and fostering ongoing professional contacts
  • Developing your professional presence – understanding your strengths, promoting your brand, and projecting poise and confidence
  • Getting the job done – how to take initiative, innovate and effectively manage your time

Program highlights:

  • Sessions are short and high-impact—90 minutes at lunch so you can fit it into your schedule
  • Taught by top industry experts who are sought out by the top law firms, hospitals, banks, government and MBA programs
  • Program content was developed in close consultation with legal employers across all sectors

By attending these workshops you will:

  • Learn to share your ideas in a professional setting so that people will take you seriously
  • Reflect on your core values and strengths and learn how to talk about them
  • Understand what it takes to be a star team player in a collaborative, diverse environment
  • Practice your networking skills and start building your professional relationships
  • Get an insider’s perspective on what makes the legal profession tick—its values, culture and shifting landscape
  • Improve your ability to project your self-confidence
  • Build a tool box of skills to establish your leadership potential in any work environment

New in 2017-18 –Rotman@Law Certificate Program

Some students come to law school with a solid grounding in basic business concepts, but most don’t. And yet, as lawyers, our ability to provide sophisticated and relevant legal advice often depends on how well we understand our clients’ business activities. Our clients expect that we will quickly become knowledgeable about what they do, as well as the complex factors that influence their strategic and legal decision-making. This is equally true for clients in the for-profit and non-profit sectors.  Moreover, lawyers and law firms, no matter their practice area or size, face challenges, such as obtaining financing, or keeping financial records, that are better met with an understanding of basic business concepts.

Rotman@Law is an exciting new collaboration between the Faculty of Law and the Rotman School of Management that gives law students access to Rotman’s superb online pre-MBA courses on accounting, finance, and statistics. Rather than scrambling to learn these topics while on the job, Rotman@Law allows law students to build their business fluency, knowledge and skill-set before they enter the profession and start advising clients.

Click here for more information about participating in the Rotman@Law program.

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