At the University

Resources, groups, clubs, services, events and activities

The University of Toronto offers a huge variety of resources, groups, clubs, services, events and activities related to wellness and well-being. For more information about some of these services, follow the links below:

Family Care Office

The Family Care Office offers a wide variety of resources and events for expectant or current parents. Events include discussion groups helping educate expectant parents on pregnancy and specifically how to manage nutrition, emotional and physical changes, labour and delivery, and post-partum issues. A similar discussion group exists for current parents. These are meant to be relaxed seminars where a facilitator may be present, and you get to connect with fellow students over lunch and engaging in fun activities such as crafts.

They also have a list of Family events on campus, including an official UofT Families skate night. They also have Family Support Programs, which include drop in activities that parents and their children can attend.

Lastly, this is a great resource center if you need information on daycare and childcare bursaries, among several other family issues/concerns.

In the Community

211 Toronto

211 Toronto is a database that can help direct you to a huge range of services and supports in areas such as housing, government services, crisis supports, counselling resources and physical health needs. 211 Toronto is available 24/7 by dialing 211 or on-line: is a website specifically aimed at promoting the well-being of law students. It contains helpful information about assessing your well-being and recommending resources for getting help: