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By almost any measure the Faculty has an outstanding student body, and the strength of our incoming classes continues to grow.  The distinguished reputation of the law school attracts the finest applicants from a broad range of backgrounds and life experiences, who in turn contribute to the lively intellectual climate fundamental to our academic programs.

One of the clearest markers of the academic strength of our incoming students is the fact that their median GPA and LSAT scores are the highest in Canada and among the best in the world.  At 3.85, the median GPA of our students significantly exceeds all other Canadian law schools.  On the international scene, the Faculty's competitiveness is highlighted by the fact that the median GPA of our entering classes also ranks among the very top U.S. law schools.  Moreover, the median GPA for our incoming students continues to increase.

Another indicator of the strength of our student body is found in our median LSAT scores.  LSAT scores are one of the most objective comparators available, and again, our students outperform all other law schools in Canada by a significant margin and place among the top law schools internationally.  As well, like the median GPA, the median LSAT scores of our students continue to increase.  For information on the LSAT and GPA scores of this year's incoming class, please check the First Year JD Class Fact Sheet as well as the JD Class Composition, Admissions and Grading Snapshot