Who We Are: Your University of Toronto, Animal Justice

Animal Justice, as Canada's only animal law organization, leads the legal fight for animals. Animal Justice's lawyers argue on behalf of animals in court, work to pass strong new animal protection laws, and push to prosecute animal abusers. 

The University of Toronto, Animal Justice club seeks to help inform the student legal community about animal legal issues and connect burgeoning animal advocates with the growing animal law legal community.

Learn more about Animal Justice on their website: https://www.animaljustice.ca/ 

Activities and Opportunities

  • Guest speakers
  • Case work with animal right’s legal advocacy
  • Socials and networking events with animal advocates and academics
    • Trip to the Supreme Court of Canada: Went to Ottawa to witness Animal Justice’s oral arguments before the Supreme Court of Canada in the criminal case Her Majesty the Queen v. D.L.W
    • Annual Networking Event: with the Osgoode Student Animal Legal Defense Fund and legal professionals working in the field of animal law
    • The Toronto Pig Save Case: Anita Krajnc’s lawyers discussed their strategy for their defense of Anita Krajnc, the woman charged with mischief for giving water to pigs on their way to slaughter