University of Toronto Health & Wellness Centre

The Health & Wellness Centre on St. George Campus offers a full range of physical and mental health services, including family physician services, sexual health services, psychotherapy, group counselling, assault counselling, psychiatric services and pharmacotherapy, nutrition counselling, and specialist referrals. See the U of T Health & Wellness website for more information:

Students can book appointments through web access, by phone: 416-978-8030, or drop-in on a limited basis.

Health Insurance

All full time U of T Graduate Students have extended health insurance coverage through the University of Toronto Graduate Students Benefit Plan. Benefits available through this plan include partial coverage of prescription drugs, professional services (chiropractor, naturopath, acupuncturist, RMT, Physiotherapist, Psychologist/Social Worker) etc.

 For more information about university and provincial health insurance plans please see the UTGSU "My Benefit Plan Booklet" (PDF).

Dental Services

There is coverage provided through the University of Toronto Graduate Students Union,

See see the UTGSU "My Benefit Plan Booklet" (PDF).

In addition to coverage provided through the UTGSU plan, the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry offers access to dental services at a reduced rate through their Patient Clinic.