Centre for Innovation Law and PolicyCILP logoThe Centre for Innovation Law and Policy (CILP) examines the interface between technology and law. The CILP is at the forefront of the Faculty of Law's commitment to ensuring that its faculty, curriculum and resources are responsive to those social, cultural, economic and technological developments that have consequences for, influence or are shaped by law in its various forms.

A multi-faceted and interdisciplinary research centre, the CILP primarily focuses on intellectual property, cyberlaw, and privacy, as well as telecommunications and biotechnology law.   The core faculty affiliated with the CILP approach foundational, theoretical and topical issues concerning law and technology through the scholarly rubrics of law, philosophy, political science, economics and cultural studies.

The centre sponsors numerous conferences, public lectures, seminars and specific events covering issues of law and policy related to innovation and technology. Each year, the Faculty of Law invites distinguished faculty visitors who write and teach in the primary research areas of the CILP as part of the Distinguished Visiting Faculty Program.

For further information about the Centre for Innovation Law and Policy, see the Centre's website at: cilp.law.utoronto.ca