The Competition Law Group (CLG) is a student-led group that works to expose U of T law students to the field of competition law. By hosting various events and publishing student articles, the CLG provides students with excellent opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of, and involve themselves within competition law.

Panels & Workshops

The Competition Law Group’s panels and workshops are an excellent way of exposing students to competition law. Numerous such events are hosted throughout the academic yearwhich are typically hosted by lawyers and other experts in the field. This enables students to immerse themselves within the broad real-world issues competition law presents, and further stimulates discussion concerning how this field is impacting law globally.

Networking Events

The CLG hosts networking events to directly connect students with lawyers active within competition law. Such events reduce the intimidating first-step required of all students looking to involve themselves within a new legal field. Furthermore, students will be provided with a space that can deepen their understanding of what it means to work in competition law.


The CLG works to foster student research and spark interest in competition law by helping students compile and publish their own articles. These pieces showcase the work that students and the CLG are undertaking to better understand topics within competition law, andmake such information accessible for fellow students to learn from.

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