The Master of Studies in Law (MSL) is a very small program designed for established academics and scholars who work and write in a discipline related to law, and wish to acquire a knowledge of law in order to add a legal dimension to scholarship in their own discipline.

Applicants should hold a graduate degree, ideally a doctorate, from a recognized university and have demonstrated a high level of scholarship in a discipline related to law. Applicants often undertake this degree while on leave from their academic appointment.


Candidates attend the law school full-time for one eight-month session, beginning in September. During this time, the candidates pursue a course of studies approved by the Faculty and the Degree Committee of the School of Graduate Studies. This course of studies comprises 28 credits and includes at least three of the following first-year law subjects: contracts, torts, property, criminal law, constitutional law, and civil procedure.

Candidates in the MSL program also complete a research project of an interdisciplinary nature during their studies at the law school.

Please review all of the MSL degree requirements.

Note:  the MSL and LLM programs are not bridges to the JD program and applicants should not take these degrees with the expectation that course credits will be transferable to any other program.


MSL students choose their other courses from those available in the JD program, which are posted on-line in the summer. In certain cases, students may enroll in graduate courses within other faculties of the university. The selection of courses is subject to the approval of the Associate Dean of the Graduate Program.

Graduate Faculty

The graduate faculty consists of the full-time faculty of the law school.

Application Information