The Career Development Office (CDO) is committed to assisting you in your career pursuits.  As a current student, the support and resources available to you are numerous and broad ranging.  The CDO offers:

  • One-on-one Counselling;
  • Several On-campus Interview Programs;
  • Professional Development Workshops and Seminars;
  • Guides and Resources;
  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing Support;
  • Mock Interviews;
  • Reciprocity with Other Law Schools;
  • And More...
These resources, as well as the means to book an appointment with one of our staff members, can be accessed by logging into UTLC: The University of Toronto Law Career Network.
Please note:  UTLC is a password protected website for UofT law students and graduates.  If you are a student of graduate and do not remember your password, please contact the CDO's Recruitment Coordinator at