The the Faculty of Law from time to time organizes events that qualify for the Career Professional Development (CPD) hours required for practicing lawyers by the Law Society of Ontario (LSO). These events can include conferences, seminars and panel discussions. There are two types of CPD hours, each with its own requirements: Substantive, and Professionalism.

Most Faculty of Law academic workshops, conferences, and panel discussions or similar events are eligible for CPD Substantive Hours (even if not specified on the event page). Substantive Hours may address substantive or procedural law topics and/or related skills. They do not need to be specifically accredited by the LSO. 

Watching videos of events may also qualify for CPD hours, but there are specific conditions required by the LSO regarding counting watched videos towards these hours.

Only a limited number of events qualify for Professionalism Hours, and these have to be specifically accredited by the LSO. If events are accredited for Professionalism Hours, that fact will be specifically noted on the event page.

It is up to individual lawyers to track these hours and keep documentation. The law school does not certify attendance.

Some events that qualify for Substantive or Professionalism hours may be listed below.