The Canadian Business Law Journal (CBLJ) was established in 1974 to provide Canadian lawyers with a written forum for discussion of current developments in all branches of Canadian business law. Since then, it has also expanded into the international arena.

The Journal is the leading source for coverage of current issues in business law, encompassing a broad range of subjects: banking, consumer law, products liability, securities regulation, taxation, real estate and trade regulations, as well as current legislation, case law and policy developments.

The CBLJ has been managed, since its inception, from the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. Its founding editor was Prof. Frank Iacobucci, who was succeeded by Prof. Jacob Ziegel. It is now edited by Professor Anthony Duggan.

About the Editor

Professor Duggan holds the Hon. Frank H Iacobucci Chair in the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto. Professor Duggan’s research and teaching interests include secured transactions, bankruptcy law and trusts. He has published widely in these areas and in the areas of contract law, consumer credit and consumer protection.

Editor-in-Chief Emeritus: Jacob S. Ziegel

Book Review Editor: Jason MacLean, College of Law, University of Saskatchewan.

About the Journal

The CBLJ is Canada’s leading forum for the exchange of ideas between academics and practitioners working in the commercial law field. Each issue includes both commentary on current legislative and case law developments and in-depth analysis of major issues in the corporate, commercial and international arenas.

It is frequently referred to in court judgments at all levels and has established an undisputed reputation as Canada's leading journal of commercial and business law.

Canadian Business Law Journal, March 2021, Volume 64, Number 1


  • Charles J. Tabb, “Reflections on the Centennial of Canadian Bankruptcy: Comparative Insights from the U.S. Experience”
  • Thomas G.W. Telfer, “The New Bankruptcy ‘Detective Agency’? The Origins of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy in Great Depression Canada”
  • Virginia, Torrie, “The Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act Reference Case, 1934”
  • Janis Sarra, “Brueghel’s Brush: A Portrait of the CCAA”
  • Jassmine Girgis, “A Generalized Duty of Good Fith in Insolvency Proceedings: Effective or Meaningless?”

Canadian Business Law Journal, March 2021, Volume 64, Number 2


  • Iain Ramsay, “Breathing Spaces, Fresh Starts and Personal Insolvency Law”
  • Laura N. Coordes, “Reviewing Redwater: An Analysis of the U.S. and Canadian Approaches to Environmental Obligations in Bankruptcy”
  • Ronald C.C. Cuming, “Policy v. Property Doctrine: Family Property Regimes and the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act
  • Gerard McCormack, “Absolute versus Relative Priority in the Context of the European Restructuring Directive”
  • Roderick J. Wood, “The Stories, Confabulations and Lies We Tell Ourselves in Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law”


The editor welcomes submissions to be considered for inclusion in the CBLJ.

Submissions are reviewed on a continuous basis. Following consideration for eligibility, the editor will be in contact with the author.

The CBLJ publishes both articles and commentaries. Articles are typically 10,000-15,000 words in length. Comments are typically 5,000-7,000 words. Comments typically focus on a recent case or legislative development, while articles are usually more wide-ranging.

Contributions should be sent as an email attachment to The following requirements apply:

  • The document should be in Word form to enable editing;
  • It should be 1.5 spaced;
  • It should include an abstract of up to 250 words (articles only);
  • A Table of Contents is not required;
  • The text should comply with the requirements of the CBLJ Style Guide (PDF).


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