Student Mentees

Welcome to the Law Alumni-Student Mentorship Program. As a U of T Faculty of Law student, you are now a part of a community of over 600 students and 10,000 alumni. This program provides you with the opportunity to tap into the alumni community and start to build a network of colleagues that will help you throughout your studies at the law school and well into your career. We hope you take advantage of this tremendous opportunity to connect with the law school’s alumni, learn more about the legal profession and explore the many opportunities that a legal education can deliver.

To produce the best possible mentorship partnerships, students and mentors are matched on many different criteria. We have provided a registration form (see link below) which we encourage you to fill out detailing your previous academic experience, areas of practice interests and other personal characteristics. Matches based on affiliation with diverse communities can also be requested; for more information on diversity requests, please click here. Please note that, despite our best efforts, it is not always possible to provide exact matches. If this is the case, the match selection will be determined by area of practice selected with another mentor provided who matches the diversity request.

 The goals of the Alumni-Student Mentorship program are to: 

  • Introduce you to law professionals in an informal setting that is outside the recruitment process;
  • Provide you with an opportunity to learn about the legal profession from lawyers with diverse backgrounds, working in various fields and areas of practice;
  • Present an opportunity for you to find role models in the legal community who can share experiences and advice that may help you make informed choices regarding academic programs and career paths that are right for you.

Apply for a mentor

Please follow the link below to sign up for the Alumni-Student Mentorship program. Please provide as much information as possible to help us to match you with the most suitable mentor. 

Information gathered on the form will only be shared with administrative staff in the Faculty of Law for the purposes of matching. Only the following information will be shared with your mentor: Name, year of study, email.