To help optimize your effectiveness academically and personally so you can make the most of your experience at law school, and throughout your career, see some of the topics and tips below for some suggestions on maximizing your well-being.

 Eating for Success

 You make high demands of your brain in the study of law. Providing the proper fuel for your brain ensures it will function at its optimal capacity, positively impacting memory, the ability to focus, executive thought processes, and emotional regulation. Research indicates there is a likely a positive link between eating whole foods and decreased risk of experiencing mood related disorders.  See the following links for a more information and resources.


Physical & Mental Fitness

Typically, we associate regular physical activity with improved physical health. Increasingly, however, research indicates that there are profoundly positive impacts on our mood and cognitive functioning from engaging in regular physical exercise. See below for some more information on this research and some resources that you might find helpful.

  • Did you know exercise can help you get better grades? Check out the Move U program offered by UofT through a partnership with Hart House, Health & Wellness, and the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education:


Learn Smart

Figuring out how to adapt your existing study skills to the law school environment is a critical skill in managing your workload and personal well-being. Figuring out how you learn and choosing the most appropriate tools and strategies for your learning style is key. See below for some tips and resources on effective and efficient learning strategies and tools.


Performing Mindfully

As a topic of research and popular conversation, the positive impacts of mindfulness training are being discussed more and more. Explore some of the benefits through the links below for ways in which you can reduce stress and anxiety, while increasing memory capacity and concentration.

  • UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Centre offers a range of information and resources (including free guided meditation downloads) on mindfulness training and practice: