Law Follies

Law Follies, 2003-04

Law Follies is the law school's premier (and only) revue, taking place in February every year since 1982. Follies is written, directed, produced, and performed entirely by law students, with cameo appearances by faculty and alumni.

Students spend the year creating live sketches, videos, and songs that satirize the trials and tribulations of law school and the legal profession writ large. Follies is held at a major theater venue in Toronto; is attended by hundreds of students, faculty, and alumni; and its after-party is one of the best pub nights of the year. Follies provides an important opportunity for students to step back, de-stress, and laugh at themselves when things otherwise seem a little intense.

For more information on this year's Follies, please contact Hannah Bourgeois and Giancarlo Discenza at: