Jackman Law Building

Check below for answers to frequently asked questions about the law school buildings.

How do I access the student kitchen? What sorts of amenities does the student kitchen contain?

The student kitchen is located on Level 01 (basement) of Flavelle House, below the Rowell Room. You can access it by stairs leading downstairs from the Rowell Room, by the Flavelle elevator, or through the Level 01 connection from the Jackman Law Building or the elevator in Flavelle.

How many all gender washrooms are there and where are they located?

There are 12: 5  are located in the library, 1 is located in the Moot Court area, 3 on level 3 of the faculty wing, and 3 on level 4 of the faculty wing..

Where are the water fountains located?

The fountains are located on Level 01 and 02 of the Jackman Law Building.

How many student study rooms are there, and where are they located? How do we book these rooms?

There are 11 study rooms in the Bora Laskin Law Library. Book the rooms at the service desk at the entry to the library (an automatic system will be available soon in e.Legal).

Where is the photocopier?

The student photocopier is located in the Bora Laskin Library on Level 02 (Main) around the corner from the Circulation Desk. You can pay for copies using your T-Card.

What has happened to the law school space at 39 Queen’s Park and 90 Wellesley?

Those spaces were rented during our building phase. We no longer have need for them.

What is located in Falconer Hall now?

The Graduate Program and the UV student newspaper.

Is there somewhere at the law school where we can perform smudging ceremonies?

Yes, the Aboriginal Law Student Association Office (Level 03 in the Jackman Law Building) has been fitted with a special HVAC system so that students can smudge on demand.

Will all law classes be hosted in the new building?

Most of them. We will continue to use the seminar rooms in Falconer Hall.