Located downtown in the global financial centre of Toronto, the Faculty engages lawyers, business executives and policymakers in its activities, bringing real-life deals and cases to the classroom.  With active scholarly workshops, joint JD/MBA and other degrees, a new Global Professional LLM in Business Law, and collaboration with the Rotman School of Management, the University of Toronto Faculty of Law is the premier place for learning about how law and regulation impact business here in Canada and around the world.The Faculty of Law has built a robust community around the study and practice of business law.  Our scholars are doing cutting-edge research on issues like the regulation of capital markets, corporate governance, bankruptcy and restructuring, deal-making, and more.  Students have the opportunity to concentrate on corporate law or pursue a joint degree in business administration, and to participate in hands-on clinics and a variety of other activities.  The Faculty’s activities in business law have benefited from its traditional strengths in the area of law & economics – a scholarly approach that applies economic methods and tools to all aspects of law.