How Do I Know if I Need Help?

A variety of concerns about academic performance, navigating law school culture, job related pressures, and chronic stress can be common features of the graduate law school experience. The pressure to perform and the competitive elements of a professional degree environment can mean that we sometimes feel we cannot talk about or even acknowledge how we are feeling. The fact is, though, you are not alone in these experiences.

 Some common thoughts and struggles experienced by many graduate law students include:

“I feel like an imposter”

“I don’t fit into law school”

“I can’t stop thinking about grades”

“I can’t handle another rejection”

“I’m feeling overwhelmed”

“I’m burnt out and depressed”

“I don’t know how to handle OCIs”

“What if I don’t get an articling job”

“I don’t have time to take care of myself”

“I don’t have time for relationships with anyone but other law students”

To learn more about what these kinds of experiences may mean for you visit the "My Concern" section of the JustBalance website ( to learn more about how other law students have managed these challenges and what resources are available to you if you need help.

Below are a variety of self-assessment tools that can also be helpful in identifying when we need to makes changes to increase our well-being and when to reach out for help. these assessment tools are not designed to diagnose, but they can help identify areas of strength and challenge.