This seminar series brings guest speakers to the Faculty of Law to stimulate the discussion of issues related to the intersection of law with health care and related ethical and social issues.

All Seminars are held at 84 Queen’s Park, Falconer Hall, Solarium, from 12:30 to 2:00 PM unless otherwise indicated.

Lunch will be provided.


Date of Seminar



September 20
Bill Bogart
Emeritus Professor
Faculty of Law
University of Windsor
Regulating Cannabis -
A Prelude to Legalizing All Recreational Drugs

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October 4
Donrich W. Thaldar
School of Law, University of 
KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa)

Tradition and Justice: Legal Developments Relating to New Reproductive Technologies in South Africa


October 18 
Alana Klein
Associate Professor
Faculty of Law, McGill University

The Renewal of the Judicial Function in the Protecting of Health:  Contrasting Visions in Constitutional, Criminal and Private Law


November 22

Josephine Johnston
Research Scholar
The Hastings Center

Genetics, Parents, and Children: How Novel Technologies Challenge Ideas about Parental Responsibility

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November 22 Thursday
Debate on the Commercialization of Assisted Human Reproduction

Details and program to follow.

November 23
(all-day event)

Symposium on Legal and Ethical Issues of Assisted Human Reproduction

Details and program to follow.

January 24

Jonas-Sébastien Beaudry, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law and Institute for Health and Social Policy, McGill University

What is Disability? Theoretical Strategies to Define a Contested Concept

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February 7

Quinn Grundy, Assistant Professor, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto

Conflicts of interest in clinical settings: Understanding marketing to nurses, the most trusted profession

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March 7

Beverly Jacobs, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Windsor University

Practicing Indigenous Laws Protects Wholistic Health

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March 21

Tara Gomes, Dan Werb, Sheila Jennings

Tackling the Opioid Crisis: Where We Are and What Needs to Be Done

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May 2

K.Sonu Gaind, Scott Y.H Kim, Trudo Lemmens, Marcia Sokolowski, Donna E. Stewart, Alison Thompson. Harvey Schipper

Expert Round Table on Medical Assistance in Dying in the Context of Mental Health and Dementia

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