Law is a demanding program that requires a complex set of academic tools.  Simultaneously understanding doctrine, analyzing theory, evaluating logic, and developing a specific skills set challenges even the most academically successful students.  The Faculty of Law and the University provide assistance to students at every stage of their academic career.

If you have questions about academic support in general, please contact the Student Programs Coordinator:

Academic Success Program (ASP) 

The Dean offers an academic mentoring program to 1L students who are experiencing academic difficulties or who wish to improve their academic performance. The Faculty hires upper-year Student Advisors to provide one-on-one academic mentoring sessions (both in person and via email) and coaching. Upper-year Advisors have demonstrated academic excellence in the first year curriculum.

The ASP is a free and confidential service. Students may access the program as individuals or in small study groups. They can request a coach who has recently done well in the same course (taught by the same faculty member) for which they are studying. They also may be referred to the program by a small group professor on the basis of student performance on writing assignments.

To book an appointment please email:

Learning Strategist

Students can meet with a learning strategist to discuss the following: 

  • Learn to manage time and address procrastination issues and stress
  • Develop new strategies, including active studying, reading and note-taking, and exam preparation
  • Improve your research, writing, and presentation skills

The Learning Strategist meets with students at the law school. To make an appointment, please email: Kathleen Ogden,

Writing Instructor

A writing professor will provide one-on-one assistance with all aspects of legal writing, from specific assignments to general writing skills. During a 30 or 45 minute session, Professor Rose will read a work-in-progress and offer feedback on organization, documentation, grammar, structure, and punctuation. To book an appointment, email:

Please note that writing support will not be available between Oct 30th - Nov 13th, 2018.