Capital Markets InstituteThe Capital Markets Institute (CMI) is a centre for independent and rigorous research, analysis and debate on capital markets issues unique to Canada, with the goal of improving the competitiveness and functioning of Canadian markets.

A joint venture between the Faculty of Law and the Rotman School of Management, the CMI brings together academics, industry participants, regulators and politicians, exemplifying the Faculty of Law’s commitment to collaborative research and public engagement and its tradition of interdisciplinary research in conjunction with other parts of the University of Toronto.

A key part of CMI’s mandate is sharing its knowledge with the community. The institute funds research and offers roundtables, workshops and conferences to share its work with all stakeholders in Canadian capital markets.

The Faculty of Law has also established Graduate Fellowships in Capital Markets Research. Fellowships of up to $18,000 are awarded to students who have demonstrated an interest in the regulation of capital markets, including financial institution regulation, securities regulation and corporate governance.  Students selected for these fellowships have the opportunity to be Student Scholars at the Capital Markets Institute.

For more information about the CMI, visit its website at: