The JD Academic Program section of the web site provides detailed information about the JD Program.

  • JD Program Requirements
    A detailed outline of the first year and upper year curriculum
  • JD Program Opportunities
    The wide range of opportunities for students to enrich their legal studies above and beyond the program requirements.
  • Experiential Learning at the Faculty of Law
    Experiential learning bridges the abstract learning of the classroom to the practical training of doing legal work
  • Combined Degree Programs
    These programs combine the J.D. with graduate studies in other disciplines. U of T law provides the widest number of opportunities for interdisciplinary study available anywhere in Canada. 
  • Financial Aid and Fees
    Complete information about fees and financial aid programs and procedures
  • Prizes, Awards and Competitions
    Including: Convocation Awards; Writing Competitions
  • Mooting
    Mooting offers students opportunities to practice and improve their oral advocacy skills.
  • International Opportunities
    Opportunities for students to study or work abroad, and for international students come to U of T Law on exchange.
  • Leadership Skills Program
    The Leadership Skills Program offers a series of innovative workshops to help students develop the key leadership skills required for professional success.
  • Lawyers Doing Cool Things
    A series of conversations with alumni about their cool jobs, the important issues they are tackling, and how their law degrees got them there.

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