The Faculty of Law aims to be accessible to the best and brightest students irrespective of their financial means. For eligible students, our Financial Aid Programs ensure that, as graduates, our students are able to make career choices based on personal interest rather that debt-induced financial pressures.

There are several resources available to students to fund their JD studies:

Faculty's Financial Aid Programs

The Faculty offers two Financial Aid Programs.  One is focused on providing aid to students while at the law school - UofT Law Financial Aid Program and the other one is focused on providing financial assistance to UofT JD alumni - Post Graduate Debt Repayment Assistance Program.

Each year the Programs distribute around $5,000,000 in financial aid.

Please visit our Financial Aid Estimator to get an estimate of your bursary and authorized Lines of Credit amount for interest reimbursement

How the Programs work

The Faculty's Financial Aid Programs are administered following policies and procedures defined by the Financial Aid Committee. The Faculty of Law’s Financial Aid Committee is comprised of staff, faculty and students. The Committee strives to create a financial aid system that is fair to all students.

UofT Law Financial Aid Program is intended to supplement the shortfall between the student’s resources and the cost of attending law school through a combination of bursaries and interest reimbursements on authorized Professional Lines of Credit. Students are expected to access a variety of funding sources including personal resources (income and assets), parental and spousal contributions, and government student loans and grants.  

Funding Resources during Law School

  1. Accessed by Students outside of the Financial Aid Program
  2. Accessed by applying to the JD Financial Aid Program

The PDRAP Program assists eligible alumni with their debt repayment by providing interest free loans, a portion of which is forgiven for each year the participant remains in the program. Alumni are expected to rely on both the aid available through the government's Repayment Assistance Plan (RAP) and the PDRAP Program.

Funding Resources after graduating from Law School