BFL Conference

The University of Toronto Faculty of Law (UofT Law) believes that legal education should be accessible to talented students from all segments of Canadian society.

BFLBFL is part of a suite of initiatives at the Faculty of Law to encourage students, at the high school and post-secondary levels, to actively think about applying to law school and learn about career options a law degree can provide.

BFL is a collaboration between UofT Law, our Black Law Students Association, members of our Black alumni community, and the broader legal profession. Funded by U of T’s Provost’s office and U of T Law, BFL offers supports and engagement opportunities to Black undergraduate degree students at any post-secondary institution who aspire to go to law school and become lawyers.

Beginning in 2019 with a one-day conference, BFL has since expanded to provide, at no cost to Black undergraduate students, initiatives that include:

  • Mentoring and job shadowing with Black lawyers, judges and articling students
  • Invitations to attend special workshops, lectures and other events at U of T Law
  • Admissions and financial aid info sessions for Black students
  • The multi-day BFL annual conference
  • LSAT preparation
  • A full-time paid summer internship
  • BFL student chapters at some Ontario universities

Participate in BFL

Sign up to participate as a BFL undergraduate student, volunteer to mentor students, or volunteer as a job shadowing host.

Donate to BFL

We welcome and appreciate your financial support of Black future lawyers, please donate today.

UofT Black Student Application Process (BSAP)

Black candidates, regardless of their participation in BFL, are strongly encouraged to select the Black Student Application Process when they apply for admission to the U of T JD program. The goal of offering this optional application stream is to increase Black law student representation at U of T. 


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