The Faculty of Law is committed to supporting students to enhance and maintain a healthy lifestyle that will allow them to bring balance to their academic, professional and personal lives. A range of programs and services are offered at the law school and within the broader university environment to promote student well-being and support academic success.

Follow the links below for more details on the range of services available. If you would like to speak to someone in person about these services please contact the Student Programs Manager, Sara-Marni Hubbard:

Students with Families

The law school & university provide special services for students who are parents and with other familial responsibilities.


Explore your options for where to live while at law school.

LGBTQ Students at UofT Law

The law school, University and Toronto area offer a vibrant community for LGBTQI students.


 Mature Students

Learn about how mature students enrich the learning environment at the law school.

Safety On Campus

Resources for ensuring your safety while traveling around campus and at the University.

Spiritual Diversity at the Law School

The law school and University support our students’ spiritual well-being.

Other University Resources

Additional resources and services around the University of Toronto.