Philanthropy is the foundation of our accomplishments and fuels our aspirations

U of T Law Students 2019

Thanks to our wonderful community of donors, the Faculty of Law is at the forefront of legal education in Canada. The generosity of individuals, corporations and foundations have provided unprecedented support for our student financial aid program experiential learning, robust research endeavours and responsive and comprehensive legal clinics that serve our community.

Philanthropic Priorities:

Excellence Without Barriers Bursary Fund: Matched by U of T’s Boundless Promise

Philanthropic support is essential to nurturing the promise of our most talented students. When a donor makes such a gift to the Excellence without Barriers Fund, that benefaction is invested in the Faculty of Law school’s endowment, which in turn generates an annual payout in perpetuity for the student award. Through the University’s matching of 1:1 on the endowment payouts, the impact of a donor’s gift is thereby doubled.


Davina Shivratan (JD/MBA 2020)

"The bursaries allowed me to confidently decide to attend the top law school in Canada without any worry or hesitation."



JD student Catherine Seeley

"Financial aid... means I have been able to attend one of the best law schools in the country ... "



JD/MBA student Aman Gill

"My dream was to attend U of T law ... without financial aid and U of T’s need-based financial aid program, perhaps my dream would have remained just a dream."



Muhammad Ansab (JD 2019)

"Through the continuous contributions of donors, I—and students like me—were able to attend law school and pursue our passion."


Dean’s Strategic Fund

The Dean's Strategic Fund allows the Dean to address the most urgent needs of the school as well as invest in rapidly emerging opportunities. Unlike endowed gifts, which are invested for the long-term, these funds fuel action, so your philanthropy has immediate impact.

Access to Justice

Everyone from policymakers to law societies must address the barriers to justice to maintain confidence in our legal system. Our students, through intensive fellowships and internships, have opportunities to engage in valuable research and directly support low-income families, refugees and new Canadians navigate the legal system. 

Student Experience Fund

Transform the student experience through support of Law’s student clubs, co-curricular activities, and experiential learning.

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