The Graduate Law Students Association (GLSA) represents all students enrolled in the Graduate Program at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. The object of the GLSA is to assist graduate students in their dealings with the Faculty and to obtain representation for students on various committees and organizations that pertain to the graduate law program. The GLSA strives to encourage and facilitate co-operation and understanding among students and faculty in order to improve the research activities and educational experiences of all graduate law students at the University of Toronto.

See also the Graduate Law Students Association website.

Graduate Program Annual Fund

The Faculty of Law has set up a Graduate Program Annual Fund to support graduate student programs and initiatives.

GLSA Executive Committee

President: Haim Abraham (

Vice President: Jean-Christophe Bedard Rubin (

Treasurer: Matthew Marinett (

Director of Communications: Riya Prem Raaj (

Social Affairs Officers: Carolyn Mouland (, Xi Xi (

LLM Representative: Kay Elizabeth Turner (

SJD Representative: Nadia Lambek (

GPLLM Representative: Christy Wherry (

GSU Rep: Konstanze von Schuetz (

Faculty Committees

  • Mental Health Committee - Matthew Marinett
  • Standing Curriculum Committee  - Pierre Luc Racine
  • Graduate Academic Appeals  - Sandrine Ampleman-Tremblay, Konstanze von Schuetz
  • Library and Technology Committee) - Étienne Cloutier
  • Gender Accessibility and Diversity Committee - Haim Abraham Eschel, Kay Elizabeth Turner
  • LLM admissions - John (or Jack) Enman-Beech
  • Truth and Reconciliation Committee - Sandrine Ampleman-Tremblay

GLSA Constitution

You can look at the GLSA Constitution (PDF file)

GLSA Guide

GLSA Guide for Incoming Graduate Students (PDF)

Executive Committee profiles

President - Haim Abraham

Haim Abraham is the President of the GLSA and a member of the Faculty's Gender and Diversity Committee. Haim is also a Doctor of Juridical Science Candidate at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. He specializes in tort law and theory, international humanitarian law, and gender and sexuality law. In his doctoral dissertation, Haim argues that states that engage in combat have moral and legal obligations to compensate civilians who suffered losses during the conduct of war. More information about Haim could be found here:

Vice-President - Jean-Christophe Bedard Rubin

Jean-Christophe is the vice-president of the GLSA. He is a first-year SJD student. After completing his undergraduate studies in law and philosophy in Quebec (Laval), he completed his LL.M. at the University of Toronto in 2016. His current work focuses on comparative constitutional law and politics, linguistic justice, judicial behavior and the intersection between law and history. A member of the Quebec Bar, Jean-Christophe, practiced law for a couple of years in the Quebec Ministry of Justice. He likes canoeing, drumming and humming.

Treasurer - Matthew Marinett

Matthew Marinett is the treasurer of the GLSA. He is currently a second-year SJD student focusing on Internet and innovation law and the legitimacy of corporate control of regulatory functions. He previously also completed his LLM and JD at the University of Toronto, as well as a B.Sc. in Planetary Science at the University of Western Ontario. Prior to graduate studies, he worked in the entertainment and intellectual property group of a large Canadian law firm. In addition to his duties as treasurer, he is also the graduate student representative on the Mental Health Committee, and if you have any concerns about mental health programming or accommodations at the law school, he would very much like to hear from you.  

Director of Communications – Riya Prem Raaj

Riya Prem Raaj is the Director of Communications on the GLSA. She has completed her Bachelors from National Law University, Patiala, India in May 2016 and is currently enrolled in the GPLLM program at the University of Toronto. She started at a law firm in India before turning to an in-house team for a company. She is an avid reader, likes to dance and writes blogs in her free time.

Graduate Students Union Representative – Konstanze von Schuetz

Konstanze is representing the GLSA in the University of Toronto's Graduate Students Union. She will be your point of reference for questions and concerns, and assist in any matter related to the GSU. Konstanze is a 1st year SJD-candidate working on a project inquiring into the limitation of property rights. Her broader research interests include Private Law Theory, in particular Property Theory, Comparative Private Law, as well as Legal Theory and Legal Philosophy. She returns to U of T's Faculty of Law after already pursuing her LL.M.-studies here in 2015/2016. Before coming to Canada, Konstanze studied and practiced law in Germany, Hong Kong SAR, and Switzerland. Konstanze is also a member of the Faculty's Graduate Academic Appeals Committee.

GPLLM Representative – Christy Wherry

Christy Wherry is GPLLM Representative at the GLSA. She is also a Global Professional LLM Candidate at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, specializing in laws of innovation and technology. A former economist for the Canadian and Ontario governments, she received first trainings from the London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE) in the UK with Master’s degree in Economic Policy as well as a B.A in Applied Economics from University of Waterloo. Professionally she is a principal and a significant shareholder of Quantius, a private credit fund investing in Canadian IP-rich SMEs in the knowledge-based sector, and Director at blockchain-backed joint venture with Silicon Valley-based companies. She is also the founder and Managing Director of a Canadian registered non-profit education foundation aimed to grow the size and diversity of Canada’s knowledge-based workforce. Her research interests include the intersection of IP, blockchain, and money 2.0 and how that transforms opportunities for the global knowledge economy and the unbanked.

SJD Representative - Nadia Lambek

Nadia Lambek is serving her second term as SJD Representative on the GLSA.  She is an SJD candidate and a human rights lawyer, researcher and advocate focused on food system transitions and the rights of working people. Her current research explores how the law and legal claims are framed by alternative food movements and how law can (and cannot) be mobilized in the pursuit of more equitable, just and sustainable food systems. She thinks the graduate program is pretty great and is excited to work with anyone and everyone interested in making it even greater.

LLM Representative: Kay Elizabeth Turner

Kay Turner is the LLM representative on the GLSA and is also a representative on the gender accessibility and diversity committee. She has a B.A. from McGill University and a J.D. from the University of Calgary. Prior to beginning graduate studies, she practiced corporate law at a large Canadian law firm. Prior to her career in law she worked in the not-for-profit and political sectors and has particular interest in governance, constitutional law and issues of gender inequality. Outside of the law she enjoys yoga, politics, hiking and road trips. Please feel free to reach out to her with any and all concerns regarding the LLM program or issues of gender diversity and accessibility.

Social Affairs Officer - Carolyn Mouland

Carolyn is a thesis candidate in the LLM program with a specialization in Criminal Law. Her thesis examines a modern conception of the rule of law in the wake of Bedford v Canada, the Supreme Court of Canada’s landmark decision striking down the Criminal Code’s prostitution provisions. In the broader context of procedural justice, Carolyn's work explores governmental responses to constitutional violations, and her interests include national security law and privacy rights. Before relocating to Toronto, Carolyn practiced criminal and civil litigation in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. In addition to her role in Social Affairs with the GLSA, Carolyn is active in academic welfare. She is facilitating a Writing Group for LLM Thesis students and is happy to chat about research and writing, as well as law and social affairs.

Social Affairs Officer - Xi Xi

Xi Xi is excited to be one of the social affairs officers on the GLSA. She is a course-work LLM student and before coming to U of T she received both her Bachelor of Laws degree and a Master of International Law degree at Tsinghua University School of Law in Beijing. Outside of School, she enjoys swimming, cooking, and visiting museums and exhibitions on archaeological finds.