Applicants seeking admission to one of the graduate programs offered by the Faculty of Law should review each program specific admissions webpage, which details the admissions standards and application process for each program:

The application process is all done online via the SGS Application Management system. 



Practising Law

Applicants should be aware that a graduate degree in law does not qualify one for admission to the Bar in Ontario.

If you are interested in becoming qualified to practise law in Ontario, please see NCA Options at the Faculty of Law.   

Neither the LLM, nor the SJD program, is an effective vehicle for satisfying the requirements of the National Committee on Accreditation and become accredited to practice law in Ontario. The NCA generally requires applicants to take a number of basic first-year courses, which graduate students are disallowed from taking. Our Global Professional Master of Laws (GPLLM), Canadian Law Concentration, is designed to assist foreign-trained lawyers fulfill the NCA requirements and become accredited to practice law in Ontario. If you have any questions about the GPLLM program, please contact: