A number of our graduate and JD students publish scholarly articles in academic journals during their studies or shortly after they graduate, based on research they conducted as part of their studies at the Faculty of Law. 

Listed below are some of these publications by JD students and recent graduates, and by SJD (doctoral) students. Online versions are linked to in the title (subscription may be required).

JD students and recent graduates

Veenu Goswami, JD '17

Samuel Mosonyi, JD '18

Peter Roy Cotton-O’Brien, JD '17

  • Peter Roy Cotton-O’Brien, “A Case for Uniformly Abolishing the Rule Against Perpetuities in Canadian Trust Law” (2017) 36 Estates, Trusts & Pensions Journal 230-249.

Andrew Mihalik, JD '16

Drew Beesley, JD '15

Jason M Chin, JD ’14

Jason M Chin JD '14 and Chen Li JD 3L

Daniella Murynka, JD ’14

Andrew Stobo Sniderman, JD ’14

Tyler Wentzell, JD ’14

  • Tyler Wentzell, “Canada’s Foreign Fighters: The Foreign Enlistment Act and Related Terrorism Provisions in the Criminal Code” Crim L Q 102 (2016) 63 .

  • Tyler Wentzell, “Mercenaries and Adventurers: Canada and the Foreign Enlistment Act in the Nineteenth CenturyCanadian Military History 57 (2014) 23(2) .

  • Tyler Wentzell, "The Court and the Cataracts: The Ontario Court of Appeal and the Creation of the Queen Victoria Niagara Falls Park," (2014) 106 Ontario History 1.

SJD students

Haim Abraham

Roxana Banu

Christopher Campbell-Duruflé

  • Hélène Mayrand & Christopher Campbell-Duruflé, L’approche interactionnelle du droit international, in Stéphane Bernatchez & Louise Lalonde, ed, Approches et fondements du droit, Éditions Yvon Blais. (forthcoming)

  • Christopher Campbell-Duruflé, "Accountability or Accounting? Elaboration of the Paris Agreement’s Implementation and Compliance Committee at COP 23" (2018) 8 Climate Law 1-38.

Michael Da Silva

Daniel Del Gobbo

Francesco Ducci

  • Francesco Ducci, “Cartel Criminalization in Europe: Addressing Deterrence and Institutional Challenges” Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law (Forthcoming, 2018)
  • Francesco Ducci, “Competition Law and Policy Issues In the Sharing Economy” in Law, Technology and Media Series, University of Ottawa Press (Forthcoming, 2017)

  • Francesco Ducci, “Out-of-Market Efficiencies, Two-Sided Platforms and Consumer Welfare: A Legal and Economic Analysis” (2016) 12(3) Journal of Competition Law and Economics 591

Ido Katri

Helene Love

Matthew Marinett

Andrew Flavelle Martin

Tamar Meshel

Naama Ofrath

Jennifer Raso

  • Jennifer Raso, “Tranchemontagne and the Administration of Rights: Lessons from the Game of Jurisdiction,” forthcoming, 13 JL & Equal

  • Jennifer Raso, “Displacement as Regulation: New Regulatory Technologies and Front-Line Decision-Making in Ontario Works,” (2017) 32:1 Can JL & Soc'y 75-95

  • Jennifer Raso, “Accessible Information and Democratic Dissent: Who Counts?” (2016) 12 JL & Equal 10-34

  • Jennifer Raso, “Accessible Information and Constitutional Democracy,” (2016) 25:3 Const F 67-78
  • Jennifer Raso, "From Enforcement to Integration: Infusing Administrative Decision-Making with Human Rights Values", (2015) 32 (2) Windsor Y B Access Just, pp. 71-102

David Sandomierski

Eden Sarid

Terry Skolnik

Régine Tremblay

  • Régine Tremblay, "D’un océan à l’autre, book review of Nicole LaViolette and Julie Audet, L’essentiel du droit de la famille dans les provinces et territoires de common law au Canada (Cowansville: Yvon Blais, 2014)" (2017) Can. J. Fam. [forthcoming]
  • Régine Tremblay, "Réflexions sur le dialogue entre la médiation familiale et le droit de la famille" in Gabriel-Arnaud Berthold, Charles Antoine Péladeau & Jérémie Torres-Ceyte (eds), Le dialogue en droit civil (Montreal: Les éditions Thémis, [forthcoming])

  • France Allard, Jean-Maurice Brisson, Nicholas Kasirer, Robert Leckey and Régine Tremblay, Private Law Dictionary and Bilingual Lexicons: Family, 2nd ed (Cowansville: Yvon Blais, 2016)

  • France Allard, Jean-Maurice Brisson, Nicholas Kasirer, Robert Leckey and Régine Tremblay, Dictionnaire de droit privé et lexiques bilingues: Les familles, 2nd ed (Cowansville: Yvon Blais, 2016)

  • Régine Tremblay, “Sans foi, ni loi. Appearances of Conjugality and Lawless Love” in Anne-Sophie Hulin, Robert Leckey & Lionel Smith (eds), Les apparences en droit civil (Cowansville: Yvon Blais, 2015)

  • Régine Tremblay, “Surrogates in Quebec: The Good, the Bad and the Foreigner” (2015) 27:1 CJWL 94

  • Pascale Fournier and Régine Tremblay, “Translating Religious Principles into German Law: Boundaries and Contradictions” in Simone Glanert (ed), Comparative Law: Engaging Translation (London: Routledge, 2014) pp. 157-72

  • Alexandra Popovici, Lionel Smith & Régine Tremblay (eds), Les intraduisibles en droit civil (Montreal: Éditions Thémis, 2014)

  • Régine Tremblay, Entry: “Mère” in The McGill Companion to Law, Lionel Smith and Alexandra Popovici (eds), online (2012)

  • Régine Tremblay, “Le droit myope” (2010) 25:2 Can J Fam L 369

  • Régine Tremblay, “La Loi sur la protection des obtentions végétales; entre compétitivité et utopie y a-t-il un avenir pour le modèle?” (2010) Osgoode Hall Rev L Pol’y 59; republished (2010) 26 CIPR 145

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