A number of our JD students publish scholarly articles in academic journals during their studies or shortly after they graduate, based on research they conducted as part of their studies at the Faculty of Law. 

Listed below are some of these publications by JD students and recent graduates. Online versions are linked to in the title (subscription may be required). To see SJD student publications, see the SJD Profiles page.

JD students and recent graduates


Anna Nuechterlein (JD 2026)


Joshua Schwartz (JD 2025)

  • The Torah of Music: Reflections on a Tradition of Singing and Song, co-author with Joey Weisenberg
    • Winner of the National Jewish Book Award in 2017


Benjamin Zolf (JD 2024)

Caitlin Salvino (JD 2024)

  • Salvino C., “Scoring Campus Sexual Violence Policies Across Canada: A Comparative Policy and Criminal Approach” (2024) UBCLR [forthcoming].
  • Salvino C., “Notwithstanding Minority Rights: Re-Thinking Canada’s Notwithstanding Clause”, in The Notwithstanding Clause and the Charter: Rights, Reforms and Controversies, ed Peter Biro (Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University, 2024) [forthcoming].
  • Salvino C., “R v Sharma’s Clarification of the Section 15 Framework and its Creation of Unique Barriers for Disability-Based Equality Claims” (2024) 32:4 Constitutional Forum [forthcoming].
  • Salvino C., “The Section 33 Democratic Accountability Concept: Proposing a Two-Pronged Approach for Judicial Review” (2024) UBCLR [forthcoming].
  • Milne C., Salvino C., “Analyzing the Treatment of Competing Charter Claims at Courts of First Instance: Judicial Restraint & Section 15” (2024) Supreme Court Law Review [forthcoming].
  • Salvino C., “A Tool of the ‘Last Resort’: A Comprehensive Account of the Notwithstanding Clause Political Use from 1982-2021” (2022) 16:1 Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law.
  • Salvino C., Spencer C., Filipe A., Lach L., “Mapping of Financial Support Programs for Children with Neurodisabilities Across Canada: Barriers and Discrepancies within a Patchwork System” (2022) 33:3 Journal of Disability Policy Studies.

David Côté (JD/MPP 2024)

Dongwoo Kim (JD 2024)

  • Kim D., “Artificial Intelligence Governance through Communicative Action: A Habermasian Perspective” (2024) 81:2 UT Fac L Rev [forthcoming].

Madeline F. Eskandari (JD 2024)


Kyra McAlister (JD 2023)

Nik Khakhar (JD 2023) 

Zachary Rosen (JD 2023)


Branden Cave (JD 2022)

Flint Patterson (JD 2022)

Hannah Lank (JD 2022)


Amanda Cutinha (JD 2021)

Amitpal C. Singh (JD 2021)
  • Singh A.C., “Aboriginal Title and Equity’s Darling” (2024, forthcoming) in Gerard Kennedy, Malcolm Lavoie, and Kristopher Kinsinger, eds, Supreme Court Law Review: The Rule of Law and Private Rights.
  • Singh A.C., “Judicial Review after R v Sullivan" (2024, forthcoming) Supreme Court Law Review: Year in Review Volume.
  • Singh A.C., “Litigating Intentional Discrimination” (2024, forthcoming) in Sophia Moreau and Cheryl Milne, eds, Supreme Court Law Review: Litigating Equality in Canada 309-331.
  • Singh A.C., “The Territorial Rights of the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada” (2024, forthcoming) in Springer Reference’s Global Encyclopedia of Territorial Rights.
  • Singh A.C., “The Highest Suggestion in the Land: Obiter Dicta and the Modern Supreme Court of Canada” (2024, forthcoming) 61:1 Osgoode Hall Law Journal.
  • Singh A.C.,"Belt v Lawes and the Meaning of Authorship” (2024) 20:1 Law, Culture and the Humanities 66-93.
  • Singh A.C., "Republic of Fiji v Prasad: revolutionary legality and the taxonomy of legal change" (2022) Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal.
  • Singh A.C., "The Body as Me and Mine: The Case for Property Rights in Attached Body Parts" (2021) 66:3 McGill Law Journal 565.
  • Sanderson D. and Singh, A.C., "Why Is Aboriginal Title Property if It Looks Like Sovereignty?” (2021) 34:2 Canadian Journal of Law & Jurisprudence 417.

Paul Hildebrandt (JD 2021)

Robert Nanni (JD 2021) – Winner of the Canadian Bar Association's 2020 English Langlois Prize


Adil Abdulla (JD 2020)

D’Arcy P. White (JD 2020)

Ryan Nicholas Howes (JD 2020)

Sara Tatelman (JD 2020)

Spence Colburn (JD 2020)

Tom Collins (JD 2020)


Mark Luimes (JD 2019)

SJ Calum Agnew (JD 2019)

Sujung Lee (JD 2019)


Chantelle Van Wiltenburg (JD 2018)

Ellie Marshall (JD 2018)

  • Marshall  E., “Legitimate Invasions: Lessons from the History of Canadian Consumer Reporting Legislation”. 16 Canadian Journal of Law and Technology 277 (2018).

Étienne Cloutier (JD 2018)

Kerry Sun (JD 2018)

Samuel Mosonyi (JD 2018)


Peter Roy Cotton-O’Brien (JD 2017)

  • Cotton-O’Brien, P.R., “A Case for Uniformly Abolishing the Rule Against Perpetuities in Canadian Trust Law” (2017) 36 Estates, Trusts & Pensions Journal 230-249.

Veenu Goswami (JD 2017)


Andrew Mihalik (JD 2016)


Drew Beesley (JD 2015)