A number of our JD students publish scholarly articles in academic journals during their studies or shortly after they graduate, based on research they conducted as part of their studies at the Faculty of Law. 

Listed below are some of these publications by JD students and recent graduates. Online versions are linked to in the title (subscription may be required). To see SJD student publications, see the SJD Profiles page.

JD students and recent graduates

Kerry Sun, JD ‘18

Ellie Marshall, JD ‘18

  • Ellie Marshall, “Legitimate Invasions: Lessons from the History of Canadian Consumer Reporting Legislation”. 16 Canadian Journal of Law and Technology 277 (2018)

Samuel Mosonyi, JD '18

Veenu Goswami, JD '17

Peter Roy Cotton-O’Brien, JD '17

  • Peter Roy Cotton-O’Brien, “A Case for Uniformly Abolishing the Rule Against Perpetuities in Canadian Trust Law” (2017) 36 Estates, Trusts & Pensions Journal 230-249.

Andrew Mihalik, JD '16

Drew Beesley, JD '15