This workshop series involves the relation between law and technology, such as intellectual property, privacy, defamation, competition law, law and literature, globalization and social justice.

Previous workshop guests include Margaret Radin, Wendy Gordon, Jessica Litman, Mark McKenna, Maurizio Borghi, Mark Rose, Yoav Mazeh, Christopher Millard, Barton Beebe, Christopher Sprigman, Ann Bartow, Brett Frischmann, Avi Goldfarb, Margaret Chon, Michael Birnhack, Ignacio DeLeon, Frank Pasquale, David Wall, David Winickoff.

The workshops are scheduled on Tuesdays, from 12:30 - 2:00 PM. For the 2022-23 academic year, the workshops will be held in room FL 219.

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2022 - 2023 SCHEDULE


September 27

Jamie Duncan, Criminology, University of Toronto
Topic: Renegotiating the terms of service: Digital citizenship beyond data rights

October 25

Eden Sarid (Law, University of Essex) & Omri Ben-Zvi (Law, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Note: This meeting will be by zoom



January 31

Tiffany Nichols, History of Science, Harvard

February 7

Kara Swanson, Law, Northeastern 

March 14

Kate Epstein, History, Rutgers University-Camden

March 28

Marc Aidinoff, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, HASTS