The Faculty of Law Bookstore

The Faculty of Law bookstore is managed by the University of Toronto Bookstore.

The University of Toronto Faculty of Law Bookstore is located on Level One of 78 Queen's Park. (P125, Phone: 416-978-6906). The Law Bookstore is managed by Heather Weir. She can be contacted at the bookstore phone number or by email at

The Law Bookstore carries casebooks, commercially published texts and a selection of standard legal reference works.  They are also excited to offer a selection of Faculty of Law branded clothing and gifts, school supplies, and tech necessities. 

In addition, the Bookstore provides an online ordering system linked to Faculty of Law course codes. Visit the U of T Faculty of Law Bookstore online for more information. Course material purchased online can be shipped to you, or picked up at the bookstore.

The main U of T Bookstore, located in the Koffler Centre at the corner of College St. and St. George, carries a selection of law books, and is open seven days a week.  

The Law Bookstore does not use plastic bags.  Faculty of Law branded tote bags are available for purchase in store, and students are encouraged to bring their own bags for purchases.

The Law Bookstore does NOT accept cash, but accepts bank debit cards and credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, and American Express), T-Cards, WeChatPay and AliPay.

Please note: Prepayment is required for orders of casebooks that are out of stock.

For further information, including our hours of operation, please visit us in-store or shop online at: