Business issues ARE legal issues - GPLLM program

A unique, executive-style graduate degree for lawyers and business leaders, the Global Professional LLM continues to evolve and innovate.

It’s launched three new streams in addition to its international business law focus: Innovation, Law and Technology; Canadian Law in a Global Context; and the Law of Leadership.

“One of the key strengths of the law school has always been our interdisciplinary approach to legal education,” says Dean Ed Iacobucci. “These new streams are on the cutting edge of executive graduate education, and will help professionals lead with confidence in a fast-changing, highly regulatory, innovation-based economy.”

Prof. Ben Alarie, founder and CEO of Blue J Legal, a tax law legal research tool based on artificial intelligence, teaches in the GPLLM program.

“We’re already arming our students with the intellectual frameworks they’re going to need to draw upon to navigate profound legal change in the decades to come,” says Alarie, “But this doesn’t mean we can be complacent. We should be extending our program to encompass new frameworks as they emerge. I think we’re on the right track with the new streams.”

In a first, the GPLLM in Innovation, Law and Technology will ready professionals including lawyers, legal services professionals, entrepreneurs, business, IT, compliance, financial, and others with the substantive legal knowledge and skills required to understand the relationship between law and technology, and their impact on one another. Want to successfully navigate a career in the innovation economy? Find out more about this latest stream. The first cohort is set to begin this September.

If you’re an executive in the non-profit, higher education, health, public or private sectors, the GPLLM in the Law of Leadership, the only one of its kind in Canada, is for you. Gain a deep understanding of and learn to be conversant in the complex legal areas and issues critical for leading and advising these types of institutions with success. First intake is set for 2018.

And the GPLLM in Canadian Law in a Global Context provides a multi-disciplinary perspective on the impact of globalization on law and sophisticated legal institutions. This stream targets those who want to obtain a professional, graduate level legal education in the Canadian Common Law tradition, including internationally trained legal professionals and those whose work requires them to engage with the law.

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