Law and Politics Club

The Law and Politics Club is an inclusive community for U of T Law students interested in government and politics, both domestic and international. The club's mandate has a professional and a social component:

1. Speakers & Roundtables

For students with a general interest in politics and current events, we aim to bring in speakers, panelists, and special guests who can provide insight into the issues of the day. In particular, we look forward to partnering with individuals who challenge our preconceptions, and explore the grey area found at the border between that which is “legal” and that which is “political”.

2. Exposure to Professionals Working in Politics & Government

For students who are interested in a career in government or politics, we aim to bring in prominent figures, legislators, officials, and lobbyists so that we may all benefit from their experience, guidance, and advice. In recognition of the value of mentors and role models, we hope to introduce our members to these individuals who have each pursued successful, rewarding, and potentially unconventional careers in government and politics. This is intended to supplement regular CDO events, which typically focus on careers within the legal profession.

3. Mixers, Debates, & Socials

Looking inwards, the Faculty’s students are a bright, diverse group of individuals, and we can all benefit from hearing a different perspective on politics. The Law & Politics Club provides a forum for such exchanges. We will host a number of social events throughout the year, where students from across the political spectrum should feel free to “get political”!

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