A group for those enthused about the theoretical underpinnings of law.

The club meets bi-weekly, to discuss an essay or selection dealing with a legal theoretical topic. A member will choose the text, moderate the meeting and facilitate discussion. No background in legal theory is required, and discussions will be kept accessible; interest is all that is needed.

We also intend to host one meeting per term where a professor will discuss their contributions to legal theory or a theoretical topic of interest.

Come, think, argue.

Contact: jdlegaltheoryclub@gmail.com
Web page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/6339391072839028/

2023-2024 executive

  • Tiger Zheng - Philosopher king (President)
  • Josh Schwartz - Pedagogue (Vice-president) 
  • Alex Nyikos - The Invisible Hand (VP Finance) 
  • Damian Fitz - Austinian Interpolator (VP Comm)