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The Planning and Development Law Association (PDLA) is a new student group for students interested in land use and urban planning. 

By way of introduction,  Urban planning is a complex process that involves collaboration with planners, developers, city staff, architects, engineers, ministries, committees, neighbors, school boards and of course – LAWYERS. There are many opportunities in this area to hone both front and back house skills. Planning and development lawyers regularly represent clients before administrative tribunals and courts, negotiate and draft settlements, liaise with government staff and engage in local politics. P&D lawyers help clients obtain Approvals of various planning applications such as Zoning and Official Plan Amendments, Consents, Minor Variances and Plans of Subdivision, which require engagement with a wide range of legislative materials.

The goal of this club is to increase the opportunities for learning, networking and collaboration with like-minded students as well as facilitate exposure to employment avenues and opportunities in the GTA and beyond. If you enjoyed, property law, contract, law, or would like to learn more about land use and urban planning this is the club for you!

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President: Rowan Barron (