Our JD/MSW program was one of the first of its kind in Canada when it launched at the Faculty of Law in 1991. It's a unique program mix of legal, mediation and negotiation skills that has led graduates to careers in family law, to innovative social justice positions, and beyond - even to the high-powered world of corporate law. If you've ever wondered what you can do with a JD/MSW degree, keep an open mind - and take a look at these inspiring alumni profiles.

Profiles published in June 2011. Some details may have changed since publication.

Angus Grant, 2001
"Degrees of understanding"
Angus Grant '01
Niamh Harraher, 2002
"Looking beyond law for the answers"
Niamh Harraher '02
Karima Kanani, 2002
"Road less travelled"
Karima Kanani '02
Sonia Lawrence, 1999
"Legal education reformer"
Sonia Lawrence
Todd Orvitz, 2008
"Social justice through social work—and law"
Todd Orvitz '08
Maggie Wente, 2002
"Community champion"
Maggie Wente

Katie Wood, 2004
"From the literary world to the real world"

Katie Wood '04