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The Combined Juris Doctor/Master of Global Affairs (JD/MGA) is designed for students interested in studying the intersections of law and global affairs. The combined program permits the completion of both degrees in four years rather than the five years it would take to acquire them independently.


Students are registered in the Faculty of Law in year one of the program, the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy for year two of the program, and in both for years three and four.


Within this combined four-year program, students must:

  • In the first year, successfully complete all the first year courses at the Faculty of Law with at least a B or Pass standing to continue in the program.
  • In the second year, successfully complete all the first-year requirements of the MGA with at least a B+ standing, with the exception of Public International Law (GLA1006H). JD/MGA students must take Public International Law (LAW252H worth 4 law credits = 0.5 MGA credit) during the second year and obtain at least a B+ standing in the course. Public International Law will be counted towards the fulfillment of a student's MGA degree requirements, rather than the fulfillment of the J.D. requirements. Students register through the MGA program for this course and it will be graded on the MGA/SGS scale.
  • In the summer between years two and three, students must take a summer global internship with the MGA (GLA1007H)
  • In the 3rd and 4th years of the Program students must complete the following requirements:

    • Faculty of Law:
      Successfully complete 45 credits at the Faculty of Law, including meeting all of the upper year course requirements. At least 9 of these credits must be in the area of international law. Students can petition to have up to 3 credits in the area of international law earned while on exchange count toward this requirement.  Note: Only Faculty of Law courses graded on a letter scale and taken as Faculty of Law courses count toward the required number of credits for honours standing in the J.D. program. 
    • Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy:
      successfully complete the MGA Capstone Seminar (GLA2000Y)
      successfully complete Financial Management for Global Organizations (GLA10009H)
      successfully complete five (four for students entering the program fall 2014) additional graduate half courses or their equivalent in the MGA or graduate courses approved by the Director of the MGA.
  • Students in their second, third and fourth years are required to complete and submit the JD/MGA Combined Program Course Selection Checklist (Word) to the Records Office by the add/drop date in the second term. This form will help you and the Administration make sure that your program of study is on-track.


Applicants must apply to each program separately, indicating on their applications that they wish to be considered for the Combined JD/MGA program. Students must satisfy both the JD and the MGA requirements before either degree may be conferred.

Students who are in the first year of the JD program may apply for admission to the combined JD/MGA Program by meeting the normal application and admission requirements for the MGA.


To apply to the JD Program at the Faculty of Law, see Application Procedure for the JD Program on this Web site.

For more information about applying to this combined program, contact the:

Admissions Office
Faculty of Law
University of Toronto

84 Queen's Park
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5S 2C5
Telephone: (416) 978-3716
Fax: (416) 978-7899

Admissions: Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy
For details see the website at:

Students admitted to the JD/MGA can refer questions about the program and its requirements to:
Sara Faherty
Assistant Dean in the Associate Dean's Office
(416) 946-7446