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The Faculty of Law has long been interested in inter-disciplinary approaches to the study of criminal justice and social regulation, and the JD/MA (Criminology) Program is designed for students who wish to pursue these approaches.

The program permits the completion of both degrees in three years rather than the four years it would take to acquire them independently. In the first year of the program, students complete all first year courses at the Faculty of Law. In the two combined upper years, students fulfill the compulsory requirements of the upper years of the JD and the course requirements for the combined program.


1. In the first year of the program students complete all first year courses at the Faculty of Law.

2. In the second and third years, students:

  • Take 45 credits in the Faculty of Law.  Starting in 2024, students will need 46 upper year credits in Law.  Students graduating in 2023 are strongly encouraged to earn 46 credits, but 45 will be accepted.
  • Satisfy the compulsory requirements of the upper years of the JD, including the moot, an International/Comparative/Transnational (ICT) course, a January  Intensive course, Legal Ethics, Administrative Law, and a Critical Perspectives Course.
  • Take 6 half-courses at the Centre of Criminology.
    • One of these courses must be either a theory or a research methods course.
    • Two of these courses may be taken in the form of the Centre of Criminology's research paper.

Course selection in the second and third years of the program must be approved by the program director.

Students enrolled in joint programs MUST complete the requirements of both programs in order to graduate in a joint program. No diplomas will be awarded until all the requirements for a joint program are fulfilled.

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To apply to the JD Program at the Faculty of Law, see Application Procedure for the JD Program on this Web site.
For more information about this combined program, contact the:
Admissions Office
Faculty of Law
University of Toronto
84 Queen's Park
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5S 2C5
Telephone: (416) 978-3716
Fax: (416) 978-7899

To obtain an application for the MA program contact:

Centre for Criminology Graduate Studies
Room 8001, Robarts Library
University of Toronto
Toronto ON M5S 3H1
Tel: (416) 978-8679
Web site:

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