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The JD/PhD (Economics) program is designed for students interested in pursuing an intensive study of the relationship between law and economics.

The program enables students to complete all the requirements of the JD and to reach the "All but Dissertation" stage of the PhD in four years, rather than the five years it would typically take. In the first four years of the program, students complete all of the requirements for the JD and all pre-dissertation requirements for the PhD At this point, the students will receive the JD degree and will be ready to begin writing their economics dissertation.


  1. In the first year of the program students complete all first year courses at the Faculty of Law.
  2. In the second year of the program students register in the Department of Economics. They normally complete ECO2010H Mathematics and Statistics for PhD Students plus 3 FCE's as follows ECO2200H, ECO2201H, macroeconomics ECO2100H and ECO2101H, and econometrics ECO2400H and ECO2401H and complete theory comprehensives.
  3. In third year, students complete additional 3 FCE's in economics courses, including the required courses for a major field and minor field of specialization.  They may be required to complete a field comprehensive exam in the major field of specialization.  Students complete .5 FCE in law and economics, and participate in the full year continuous course ECO 4060Y Graduate Research Seminar.  They complete the second year paper in economics; and 14 -16 JD credits.
  4. In fourth year, students register in the law school and take a full year of law courses to complete the JD requirements.  During years three and four of the program, students must earn a total of 48 Law credits, and meet all requirements for the JD.
    Once the JD and other requirements are completed, students write a dissertation in economics.

Note: Students must meet the Faculty of Law course selection deadline, notwithstanding the Department of Economics' course selection process.

Students must submit their proposed course selections for years two, three and four of the program to the Director prior to the applicable course selection deadlines in each year and  in each Faculty. Any changes must also be approved by the Director.

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Students interested in the combined program must apply to and obtain separate admission to both the JD and PhD according to the normal application and admission requirements for each program. A student already enrolled in the first year of the JD or the PhD can transfer into the combined program if he or she is also accepted into the other faculty.

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To apply to the JD Program at the Faculty of Law, see Application Procedure for the JD Program on this Web site.
For more information about this combined program, contact the:
Admissions Office
Faculty of Law
University of Toronto
84 Queen's Park
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5S 2C5
Telephone: (416) 978-3716
Fax: (416) 978-7899

Admission applications for the PhD program in economics may be obtained from:

Graduate Department of Economics
150 St. George Street
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario M5S 3G7
Tel: (416) 978-7169
Fax: (416) 978-6713
Web site:

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