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The Faculty of Law’s Collaborative Program in Jewish Studies is designed for students who have a vocational or intellectual interest in the intersection between law and Jewish history, politics, thought, or interpretative practices.  The program complements students’ legal training by providing an interdisciplinary framework within which concepts and methods from the study of law can be applied to a relevant topic in Jewish Studies.

The Collaborative Program in Jewish Studies has three requirements. 

  1. Students must participate in the core graduate research seminar in Jewish Studies, a yearlong bi-weekly seminar that presents advanced methods employed in understanding texts, contexts, and concepts in the main areas of Jewish Studies. 
  2. Students must present once during the course of their law degree a paper in the graduate student Jewish Studies conference.  Some students will be invited to publish their papers in the new U of T Journal of Jewish Thought
  3. Students must complete a course listed in the Centre for Jewish Studies Graduate Handbook at some point during their law school course work.

Students apply to the Faculty of Law alone.  In their applications, students should select the Jewish Studies as a collaborative program option.  Once admitted to the Faculty of Law, students should contact the Centre for Jewish Studies and the Assistant Dean, Office of the Associate Dean in order to formalize their admission to the collaborative program.  Any questions should be directed to the Assistant Dean at


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