Ever wondered what you can do with a JD/MBA degree? Yeah, we did too. So we asked these alumni to tell us how they fared, once they left the hallowed halls of the Faculty of Law. From Bay St. to banking, high-tech to virtual health, and much more, the opportunities are numerous and the paths pretty stratospheric.

Profiles published in April 2011. Some details may have changed since publication.

George Babu, 2010 
"Rypple effect"

George Babu

Daniel Debow, 2000
"Enthusiasm 3.0"

Daniel Debow

Michael Held, 1997
"Success begets success"

Michael Held

Michael Hollend, 1999
"Extra edge"

Michael Hollend

Joanna Rotenberg, 2001
"Success and serendipity"

Joanna Rotenberg

Andrea Stairs, 2000
"Business leader rising"

Andrea Stairs

Mark Wiseman, 1996 
"You're in good hands"

Mark Wiseman '96

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