Thematic Term Away (TTA) at the National University of Singapore

National University of SignaporeThe Thematic Term Away provides a unique enhanced exchange opportunity as part of our existing exchange programs. At this time, the National University of Singapore is the only selected exchange partner for this program ( The TTA is distinct from our current exchange programs in several ways:

  1. The TTA provides third-year students with a "term away" designed to expand a student's interest in transnational law within themes chosen to complement or build on the Faculty's academic strengths. 
  2. Students write a self-directed research paper on their designated area of interest while away, which is supervised by their participating U of T Faculty member.
  3. U of T Faculty participate in this exchange.
  4. Students select 2 of their 4 courses to fit within the designated theme.

Application and selection

  • Students apply and are approved for this exchange opportunity through the CIE's on-line application and interview process. Exchange selections are made in consultation with the office of the Assistant Dean, Students. The Assistant Dean provides input regarding candidates for the Singapore TTA. 
  • The Office of the Assistant Dean, Students, will contact the student(s) to discuss their specific interest in the TTA and ways in which to personalize the student's third year course work to accommodate and encourage the TTA.

The Theme

  • Students will focus their time abroad on transnational law, and may choose whether to focus on private or public transnational law. 
  • It is expected that a U of T faculty member, whose area of expertise matches these themes, will be designated the faculty's contact person on the TTA. Typically, students will choose their preference and then the administration will arrange the designated faculty member's support. 
  • It is hoped that the designated faculty member will travel to Singapore once during the term to meet with the students to discuss their progress, research and area of concentration. If the student has already completed the paper (i.e. in fall prior to going on the exchange), this consultation will be done with a view to assessing the work completed and how it complements their experience abroad. If the student expects to complete the work upon their return (i.e. the winter following the exchange), this consultation will proceed with a view to shaping the research and direction of the paper. Students will not receive credit for this paper if written while away on exchange as it is designed to be a U of T faculty supervised piece of writing.

The Writing Opportunity

  • In the term in which the student is resident in Toronto, the student is required to write a self-directed research paper in an area that relates to their coursework while abroad. The paper will be supervised by the designated U of T faculty member and be worth a minimum of 2 (or more) credits.  
    • Students going to Singapore in the fall will write the paper on their return in the winter term on a topic that considers retroactively their work completed abroad. 
    • Alternatively, students going to Singapore in the winter term will write a paper in the fall on a topic that considers their contemplated area of study while away in the winter term.

Courses and credits

  • 16 NUS credits (= 4 courses at 4 credits each. Note: NUS an 8 credit course = 6 UT credits) Although the sessional dates are different from U of T, NUS will accommodate exams for early return at end of second term. While abroad, students will pursue 2 of their 4 courses in the area related to the approved theme (i.e., either public transnational law or private transnational law). Once the student has access to Singapore's course calendar, the designated faculty member will work with the student to select two courses that work well within the theme. The remaining (2) courses are electives - i.e., of the student's choosing.
  • The Course Descriptions for all elective subjects offered , as well as the Class Timetable and Examination Timetable will be available progressively on the Faculty of Law website at


The application deadline is the same as for all Faculty exchanges (i.e. the ISXO deadline), however, selected students should expect a period of consultation with the office of the Assistant Dean prior to confirmation of the TTA and in order to finalize details with the designated faculty member.

Term Preferences

The ISXO will inquire as to your preferred term. Both are available but flexibility is encouraged in order to maximize U of T faculty involvement.

Financial Assistance

The ISXO administers Ontario government bursaries ($2,500) to students who go on exchange.

Semester Dates

Please ee:

Please check the website as these dates have not been set for the upcoming academic year at this time.