Student Resources - Spouse/Partner 

For this program, a spouse/partner is a person to whom the student is married or with whom the student has cohabited in a conjugal relationship for a period of three or more years or are in a relationship of some permanence and are the natural or adoptive parents of a child. Filing joint income tax returns is proof of common–law relationship even if the period of cohabitation is less than three years. A Declaration is included in the financial aid application and must be completed by spouses or partners of students. 

Students are required to disclose partner’s assets and provide Notice of Assessment for Partner’s income tax. The Notice of Assessment must be provided each year with the Financial Aid application. 

Partner’s Assets 

Students who are married or are in common-law relationship are considered to have access to partner’s assets and income. 100% of partner’s assets are treated as student’s assets.  

Partner’s Student Loans 

If partner is repaying student loans, their gross income is reduced by the amount of annual student loan payments. 

Partner’s Income 

In terms of income contributions, for 2023-2024

  • The first $41,141.50* of gross spousal income is exempt from deeming 

  • Gross incomes between $41,141.50 and $99,938* are expected to contribute 15% 

  • Incomes over $99,938 are expected to contribute $8,819.40 plus 25% of amounts over $99,938 

For example, a partner whose line 15000 on the NOA states $60,000 and who is repaying a student loan of $500/month will be expected to contribute $1,928.70 towards student’s expenses. 

  • $60,000-(500*12) =$54,000 

  • $54,000-41,141.50 (exemption)=$12,858.50 

  • $12,858*0.15=$1,928.78 

* These amounts are subject to inflation adjustments