What type of financial aid is available?

Financial aid comes in a variety of different forms, including:

  • Government loans
  • Interest-free loans
  • Bursaries
  • Interest-bearing loans
  • Short-term emergency loans
  • Scholarships and prizes
  • Post-Graduation Debt Relief Program
  • Bar admission/articling loan assistance via government student financial assistance programs and Scotia Professional Student Plan

The Faculty’s Financial Aid Program operates on fixed financial resources. Allocation of these funds depends on the amount of funds available and number of students applying for assistance in a particular year.

Who is eligible to apply to the Faculty's Financial Aid Program?

All University of Toronto Faculty of Law students currently enrolled in the J.D. program are eligible to apply. International students, however, are not eligible to apply.

When do applications for financial aid become available?

Applications are typically available in the late fall/early winter of each year.

What is the application deadline?

Effective for the 2016-2017 academic year onward, the application deadline for first-year students is June 1st. The application deadline for upper-year students is August 4th.

What are the borrowing limits for interest-free loans?

Students may borrow up to $60,000 interest-free for each year that they are enrolled in law school, to a maximum of $180,000 at TD bank or $50,000 interest-free for the first two years and then $60,000 in year three up to a total of $160,000 from Scotiabank. The amount of interest-free loan will be determined by the Financial Aid Committee based on a student’s financial needs. The loan can be taken out via the Scotia Professional Student Plan or the TD Student Line of Credit.

Who is on the Financial Aid Committee?

The Financial Aid Committee is comprised of three students, four faculty members, the Senior Financial Aid Advisor, the Admissions and Financial Aid Coordinator and the Assistant Dean, Students (Chair). If you would like more information about the Committee or would like to contact individual Committee members, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

How do I apply for bursary support?

If you submit a Faculty of Law financial aid application and qualify for interest-free loans, you are automatically considered for bursary assistance.

When are bursaries allocated?

Students can now get an immediate estimate using the online Financial Aid Calculator.
Final assessments will be made by late September (typically around September 19th) and Bursary funds are released to students via crediting their student accounts in early October.

Why am I deemed a contribution from my parents when my parents in fact do not make any kind of payment and consider me independent?

Students are deemed to receive a certain amount of financial assistance from applicable family members based on their ability to contribute even if family members do not in fact contribute to a student's education. Underlying this rule is one of the core principles of the financial aid program - ensuring that law school continues to be accessible to students from all backgrounds. Access is of particular concern for students from low-income backgrounds. Students from low-income families often have personal histories or circumstances which make law school education less obtainable. The inclusion of parental income provides a means of accounting for these differences and ensuring accessibility. 

Parental income information is required from ALL students who are applying for financial assistance from the Faculty of Law.

My financial aid assessment is different to what the financial aid calculator told me a few months ago. Why did this happen?

There could be any number of reasons as to why the financial aid assessment may be different to what the financial aid calculator told you a few months ago. The difference might be due to changes in:

  • the financial aid policy
  • changes in the student applicant pool
  • not using the current average of parental income
  • not having your summer earnings at the time of using the calculator

Do you accept application materials by e-mail?

Yes, we do. You can download the application from our web site, complete it and save it as “your name”.doc. Then attach the completed application to an e-mail and send it to financialaid.law@utoronto.ca.However, you will still be required to submit an original signed copy to the Financial Aid Office.

Who may I contact with questions?

You can call the Financial Aid Office, at (416) 978-3716 or e-mail financialaid.law@utoronto.ca